Through the Fire and the Flame

This biblical sleeve by Jackie Rabbit is meant to be a representation of the biblical Armageddon.  Here’s how she described it.

Its a juxtaposition between the peace and love of God and violent destruction promised by the Bible.

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2 thoughts on “Through the Fire and the Flame

  1. So, Christians just love the idea of a violent apocalypse in which all us non-christians perish in flame that they dedicate a whole sleeve to it?

    Good artwork though.

  2. I don’t get the whole “God’s Love” theory… He did seem to calm down a lot after he had a son though! Which affirms my theory that gods are created in man’s image.

    BUT! Back to the subject at hand, Jackie’s artwork is phenomenal as USUAL!!! She did a church scene on this gentlemen’s other arm and it is simply amazing! When you see the pictures of these tattoos, they are amazing, but seeing her work in person gives her hard work, and dedication another dimension that I have never seen before her. Great job Jackie!

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