3 thoughts on “The Lion King

  1. Unfortunately I think the image had little to no real meaning to the wearer. He came in and showed me a cell phone pic of a horribly rendered lion wearing a crown and said that thats what he wanted, never giving any explanation for his choice other than “its epic”. Though he was willing to pay the money and I got a chance to do a fun piece it still makes me a little sad when I know the customer has no real appreciation for what they have gotten.

  2. This is really great. The mixture of the rich blacks in the shading and crisp white highlights it gives such awesome depth and expression to the face. I love to draw and I always find myself aggravated with the lack of expression in my subjects. Jackie has a real talent that I fear I just was not born with. I think tattoos are always better when there’s some emotional connection or deep meaning. But, I guess a lot of people just get stuff cause they like the pretty picture. Nothing wrong with either one really. :)

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