Oslo SusCon 2012

It’s Oslo SusCon time again and it’s already Sunday, the last day: we probably do not have to tell you much about the Oslo Body-Suspension Convention held by Wings of Desire, it has been featured on BME so often! It is a great event as always, but there is something new this year. For all those unfortunate suspension lovers who are not able to go to Oslo there is a constant live video feed from the venue: ustream.tv/channel/oslo-suscon

some pictures from fridays suspensions

some pictures from Friday's suspensions

For more pictures you can go to the WoD Gallery, it is frequently updated!

3 thoughts on “Oslo SusCon 2012

  1. Been watching the stream whenever I could – thanks for putting that up! You guys enjoy the party tomorrow and see you there next year!

  2. I wish I could find a reputable suspension group in New England, I’ve wanted to try this for so long! =(

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