Darren, happy to suspend for the first time

Darren (of Pierce It Studio in Basingstoke) did his first suspension this past Sunday with the assistance of Quentin Inglis (of Kalima fame), Mel, and Lou. They found a beautiful spot in the forest and rigged to a tree. I’m not actually posting the pictures of the suspension here (but you can watch a video of it on Facebook here if you’re his friend), but I did want to share this portrait of him at the scene because I thought it was a real nice picture of him. You can also see his implants, including his very unusual lightning bolt right down the centre of his forehead, which creates a unique piece of personalized anatomy.


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One thought on “Darren, happy to suspend for the first time

  1. I think implants can be gorgeous at times, but I’m turned off by their inconsistency :-/ I know that it must be really hard to get an implant to heal in the exact desired placement with the desired shape in bold outline, but I just don’t like how they look if they’re off-center or lumpy looking or impossible to really see. All I can make out in this photo is a big amorphous blob in the middle of his forehead, even though the original silicone carving might have looked just like a lightning bolt. I know that I, personally, won’t be getting anything put under my skin any time soon .

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