Oh man, this is triggering for anyone who’s had way too many people in their life do this to themselves literally… I’m reminded of our friend Cory in highschool who was having trouble at home and was going to move in with us to get some distance from his abusive father. About a week before that happened, he got home and walked in on his father banging his (as in Cory’s) girlfriend in the middle of the living room floor. They both just looked at him and laughed and kept going at it… Already in bad shape, Cory walks into his room in a daze, puts a twelve gauge shotgun to his skull and pulls the trigger. The so-called “punch line” to the story is that his family was mad at him, so to punish his friends they had an open casket funeral even though there was no possible way for any reconstruction to be done on what was essentially a headless corpse. Ah, growing up in a small town.

Anyway, this morbid masterpiece that’s already winning awards was done by Robbie Coventry at b>Inky G’s on piercer Mac “Doctor-Evil” Mccarthy of Punctured.


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2 thoughts on “Ba-booooom!

  1. What a terrible story. The tattoo – well, not my taste, but nicely done and original.

  2. I’ve always wondered what the work at Inky G’s is like, (presuming this is the studio in Wolverhampton, UK,) and wow. I might have to go and look at having my next tattoo there if this is anything to go by. Not my style but it’s really well executed.

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