To wrap up today’s look at the artists of Tattoo Temple, we have something by the shop’s founder, Joey Pang.  As I’ve mentioned in the past Joey has years of training in Chinese calligraphy under her belt, which she combines with her natural artistic flair to created works of art that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Every brush stroke is carefully considered both in terms of the character being depicted, as well as how it will fit on a person’s body.  While anyone can walk into a shop and get some form of Kanji flash off of a wall, when you go to Joey you know that what you’re getting will mean exactly what you want it to.

One thought on “Splattered

  1. I can always spot a Joey Pang tattoo. She is an amazingly talented artist. I’m so impressed by all her work. I would love to get a piece from her. Even tho it’s not the typical style I’ve been going with, her tattoos are just so beautiful.

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