Don’t wake me when it’s over

Now this was a tattoo that I could have never predicted.  Back in October I was a little surprised to see a Lifehouse tattoo in the music tattoo galleries.  Like I mentioned then, I don’t have anything against Lighthouse, but they’re just not a band you think of when someone says “I’ve got a band tattoo”.  Well, the original was a great piece of lettering by Marcin Liana from Alien, located in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland.

It turns out Marcin wasn’t finished with just this, and has since expanded it to become an amazing abstract typography sleeve.

For those curious, that’s IAM: Kornik in the photos.

3 thoughts on “Don’t wake me when it’s over

  1. lifehouse is hanging by a moment, lighthouse is sunnnnysunnnysunnnnydayeees…
    I think as far as the christian rock genre family of creed type bands, this is really well done. adding to it really made it so lifehouse was really the last thing I saw. I was more focused on the bird and the abstract

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