The Friday Follow-up

The beauty of scarification is that the end result can never be fully predicted.  Sure you can get an idea of what a scar is going to look like if you have scars already, but even then there are so many variables that can affect healing.  Sometimes you’ll get a scar that is perfectly defined and with the colouration you were hoping for.  Other times your body just says, “hey, this is how I’m going to heal this scar, deal with it”.  The reason I’m bringing this up is based off of IAM:Polareyez‘ comment on the latest photo of her snail scar.  To give you a bit of backstory, the scar (which is actually a combination cutting/branding by Brian Decker), started out as all scars do, as an open wound.

A few months later, it was well into the healing process and was turning a pale pink colour.

And now here we are today, 10 months since the initial cutting and as you can see, it’s lightened up even more.

You may need to move your monitor around to see it, but it’s there.  What’s worth noting is that even though this isn’t the exact colouration that Polareyez was going for, the details Brian put into the scar are still well defined.  I’d even go so far to say that it’s looking a lot better than it did several months ago, if only for the consistent colour.  Fans of pale scars will certainly appreciate this scar.  As I mentioned earlier, scarification isn’t something that can be predicted with 100% accuracy, but that shouldn’t discourage you from committing to a scar if that’s the modification you’re looking to get.  You never know, you may end up with something that surpasses your expectations.

5 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Love it! looks great. My inner thigh scar healed up in a similar manner, but like Brian, Wayde had cut such lovely detail that it really looks amazing even though it is very pale. When I get a sunburn you can sure see the scarification better!

  2. I love this piece SOSO much. Brian is awesome and the work is amazing and I wasn’t quite sure how my body would heal something like this. It was/is certainly a learning experience and I’ve loved every second of it. I am a little sit it’s faded so quickly, but I still couldn’t be happier with the work and the piece itself. Thanks, Rob!

  3. Like I said, I didn’t know how my body would react to and heal something like this. It was and still is a learning experience and now that I know how my body handles this sort of thing, I can move forward with other things. I loved and enjoyed the experience of it and I’m glad I did it, I have no regrets about anything.

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