“You’ve come a long way, baby”

When you compare Mechanical Demon (tattoo artist at Harness in Helsinki, Finland) from 2007 to 2012, you can really see what an improvement the jump from tattooed and pierced person to full heavy-mod enthusiast has made. In addition to some more tattoo work, I can also see that he’s added some sternum implants, a pair of transdermal implant spike horns, radical ear pointing and I think lobe removal, as well as black eyeball tattoos. Really checked off that wish list quite successfully, didn’t he?


You can zoom that picture but the others in this entry are at full size. Anyway, to no small part because of his striking and eye-catching appearance he’s had the opportunity to model for some great photographers, but one shoot that really struck me was this amazing photo by Tinttu Henttonen, with make-up by Mia Magia. Click here for a close-up that shows his ear very nicely — the reshaping work that was done on it is quite something.


Another photo I liked was this old-time portrait, which also shows his mods nicely and reveals one that I’d missed in the first photo, a set of subdermal horns higher up the scalp, a placement that works very nicely with his transdermal spikes (but might otherwise look odd on its own).


4 thoughts on ““You’ve come a long way, baby”

  1. Oh wow, he’s breathtaking! The mods compliment is body and face perfectly, like he was born with them. Loving this guy!

  2. agreed, he looks other worldly, I think I’d seen him in a post where someone had said he looked almost like a gentle elf-alien or something… he looks good

  3. His eyes are by far some of my favorites. I love the look of the black on light blue eyes. It’s really stunning. I’d love to look into them in person.

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