Facial Linework Radiation

I really like the new linework that George Karakioulafis of Dildo Studio (dildostudio.gr) in Greece (who just sent me a super-cool package of swag from his shop, including some obscene shirts that I can just barely get away with wearing in public) just had done on his cheek, radiating out from his ear, as well as the lines that mark out across the geography of his ear itself.


PS. You may remember a while back there was a case of facial tattoo copying in which Morgan Dubois got his facial linework cloned almost exactly. I just wanted to point out that in George’s case, even though the tattoo is similar (and perhaps even inspired), it’s obviously a distinct design and sufficiently different that he can truly call it his own.

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One thought on “Facial Linework Radiation

  1. It really feels like you have been far too frequently been using this blog as your personal soap box to promote your options on possible cases of tattoo appropriation. It seems presumptuous for you to offer your opinion on the matter as the clear cut resolution to any debate on the matter.

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