Sewn Up

I was going to make this another guess what post, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s some genital sewing, so no need to make a game out of it.

Well, technically it’s foreskin sewing, but you get the idea.  To see the rest of the photo, as well as a picture of the sewing itself, you’ll have to read on.

Now to see the rest of the photos that Discov8 sent in, you’ll have to check out the foreskin play gallery.  And while you’re in the hard section of the galleries, make sure to visit the CBT gallery to see him sew up the tip before sewing the foreskin up around it.

On a slightly unrelated note, these have to be some of the best quality photos of CBT we’ve seen in the galleries in a long time.  Hopefully Discov8 pops by the comments section to give credit to his photographer, as they’re definitely professional quality.

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