Can you see it?

The full body suit gallery was updated over the weekend to include this anonymous gentleman.  While I was admiring his commitment and the work of Jolene from Inkspired in Winsford, UK, something shiny caught my eye.  Can you spot it?

Granted it was harder to see them in the thumbnail.  Be sure to visit the galleries to see his entire suit, just click the picture of him below.

7 thoughts on “Can you see it?

  1. Wow 2 years for all the infill , nicely dun my friend . I am about 70% on my way to a body suit . Trouble is my tattooist refuses to do my bum !

  2. Well hellchild, and all. This was discussed before Jolene started.
    As a professional tattooartist She sees skin as skin.In England.
    They put signs up, NO HANDS. NO FACES ETC. Up to them,
    aslong as you are told. You keep at it! Wish you well .As they
    won’t do the bum. You are going to have gaps elsewhere.

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