Heart in Hand

The following photo was submitted by Fauno of Tattoo Galery Family in Valencia, Venezuela.


I’ll admit I’ve always wondered what it feels like to have a large implant like this on your hand.  I’ve seen lots of pictures but haven’t heard that many experiences.  It looks like it would affect mobility.  Anyone out there have an implant in their hand? Share your experience in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Heart in Hand

  1. I’ve got Steve Haworth’s skull implants (implanted by Samppa) on my hands. There is just couple things that have changed. 1= I feel small pressure when I move my fingers. 2= It’s harder to take something out of my pockets :D

  2. I have a Haworth Silicone 0g 7/8″ CBB in my left hand, been there almost 3 years, installed by Steve. Zero issues with mobility or sensation. Gets hung up on the pocket sometimes, and tight spaces I need to reach into with my non-implant hand.

    Love my implant 100%, plan on getting the other hand soon.

  3. I also have Steve Haworth’s skull in my hands. The skin over the top feels a little cool to touch versus the rest of my skin temperature and yes, hands in pockets is a little awkward!

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