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While in Mexico for the holidays, I brought along some comics to read, including “The Unwritten“, a surreal comic that explores the relationship between conscious reality and fiction. The main character, Tom Taylor, shares his name (Tommy), with a Harry Potter-like character in books written by his perhaps-adoptive father. As the comic evolves, it’s unclear where the line between the fictional Tommy and the real Tom Taylor lies, if it exists at all. Tom has a symbol on his hand, a sort of magical tattoo, of a compass, and in issue two (August 2009), in a page of fake news clippings and web blurbs, I was tickled to see that the author of the comic decided to include a parody version of BME, but instead of “BMEzine” it’s “BMZiney”! I always find these little cultural surprises very ego satisfying.

bmziney in the unwritten

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