Pow! Right to the moon!

I had yet another brutal day at the hospital — it seems that’s the one part of my life I can never catch a break on, but my life is one of extremes, most of them good, so perhaps this is some sort of cosmic balance in action. Anyway, Paige sent me this picture which is very much brightening my day.

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, well, have you ever seen one of those cheezy action-kung-fu movies where some Ricki-oh wannabe punches their opponent so hard through the chest that they can do the ol’ “proudly clutching the still-beating-heart Aztec sacrifice” trick on the way out? Anyway, in the story of Saiga Paige-Oh, Kev takes one hell of a penetrating blow to the nutsack — BAM! Quarter inch to the right, and he’d never be able to have kids. Half inch to the left, and his testicles would be on the moon right now.

Click to uncensor
Click to uncensor

But seriously, Kev’s transscrotal was originally cut to 7/16″ by Matt Vermillion in December of 2011 — Paige instantly remembered the date because it was the day after she had her own circles of tissue excised, a much less threatening pair of punched flats. Scrotums, whether it’s the whole thing or a piercing, are some of the stretchiest tissue on the body, and since healing it he’s stretched it up to about two inches in diameter. Perfect for all sorts of hilarious insertions!

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7 thoughts on “Pow! Right to the moon!

  1. Wait…so where is his actual dick and balls? I’m genuinely curious to see because in the picture it doesn’t resemble a scrotum at all…

  2. Shannon, you can see his boxers sitting underneath everything. I think his dick is just flopped off on the side behind her hand.

    I’m more trying to figure out how he’s bending his torso like that and who the phantom thumbs up hand is attached to.

  3. @ Kat:
    the thumbs up is my own(i am the guy in this picture) and i do not understand how my torso bent that way either… haha

  4. No need to be rude, I was just asking because I was genuinely curious. & I’m plenty familiar seeing as I’m a guy.

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