Demonic Update

Back in 2008, ModBlog posted pictures of an incredible nostril and septum resculpting with another entry early in the healing and one more four weeks later. I thought it was about time that an update be posted, since Bogotá, Colombia based tattoo artist, piercer, and alternative model Caim Divell (click here for his fan page) is one of the most remarkable looking people in body modification (and BME’s early entries generated one hell of a lot of debate). As you can see he has reduced the size of his horns, which were at one point the largest forehead implants ever installed, but other than that, his look has continued to evolve. There are very few people who have pushed a concept transformation to this degree, and I would argue that living as a demonic embodiment of metal is socially more challenging than being, say, the Lizardman. As I said, there’s more info on Caim’s surgical modifications in the early posts, but I should mention here that they were created by Emilio Gonzalez (



10 thoughts on “Demonic Update

  1. Sooooo stoked have waited years to see updated pictures of this demon… I even did my own search to find new pics of him tobad the large horns he had didn’t work out otherwise one of my favorites

  2. What is it…..what do you smell? MANFLESH!
    In some pics it appears he has no horns now, just a wide head scarf over his forehead, but you can see no bumps through it. And a post-nasal pic (without scarf) shows no sign of his horns.

  3. My first reaction was, “how the hell does he put on black lipstick with so many lip piercings? I have enough trouble with one!” That in itself is impressive, mods aside.

  4. Although the modifications are beautifully done..I hate that nose. It truly does look like the scary HP nose. But I will say he definitely looks demonic.

  5. I love his look but he allways making weird faces on photo’s I want him to make a relaxed posed photo for a change so you can see his look in an other prospective.

  6. I agree Chris; for a model he doesn’t half pull some silly faces when there’s a camera pointed at him! (Unless it’s the photographer that is responsible for the aforementioned smell…)

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