She just looks that way.

Sorry for the radio silence folks. Shannon is dealing with some things but he’ll be back! I thought I’d break the silence with a BME girl. I’m not sure I completely believe that halo. Thanks to Mirka X Mythra for the photo.



See more like this in the BMEgirls gallery.

10 thoughts on “She just looks that way.

  1. …and I know her (I´m really proud for it) and she is even prettier and even more perfect than on this photo. Untouchable ideal

  2. So is the ship on autopilot? What happened to the “other” staff, …..Rachael, etc.?

  3. The staff has other tasks that we are responsible for along with our lives offline. I wish there were more hours in a day, I really do because lately there aren’t enough.

    I also wish there WAS an autopilot. It’d make life much easier.

    As I stated above, Shannon will be back. Patience grasshoppers.

  4. I miss Rooraaah and Pauly’s interviews all the time too… the community lost Manny, Catman and Glider, this is f–cked. I know Shannon had health problems, but 40 is so young. Lizardman is the same age. I feel like there’d be no zombieboy without bmezine. I have a lot of feelings.

  5. I’m not comfortable writing ModBlog posts, it’s just not something I’m very good at. When it comes to writing, fiction is what I do well.

    We’ll have to look at what to do moving forward but not right now. Later.

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