A girl and some big holes

The_holeyone sent us in this beautiful self portrait showing off her large-gauge piercings.  Maybe it’s just me but big stretches like this seem to be a lot less common on women than they are on men.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Do you think my title could have possibly been sadder?

I really enjoy the symmetry in these piercings and, of course, we all enjoy pretty girls.


14 thoughts on “A girl and some big holes

  1. I think most women are too self conscious in how others think of them to allow themselves to transgress beyond a certain point of standards when it comes to anything that can alter their looks. Men tend to not obsess on this so much and so you have more men doing large GA then women.

  2. yeah, I agree I see it more on males over females. my random guess is more males don’t give a fuck what society think over more females giving a fuck, but that’s just a random guess. Looks good on her. I couldn’t pull it off.

  3. Thank you for the kind words sweetheart.

    I do think women are a lot more worried or swayed by opinions of others. Especially with something that changes the face more radically than a simple piercing.

  4. truly remarkable
    and she has a few impressively large Gauge piercings elsewhere as I have noticed on her IAM page

  5. i wish i knew some girls with big hole.. no pun intended i know enoph of them!

  6. fuck me todd bertrang does that mean your outof jail good on ya fella, i was thinking about you recently………….you wont remember me but we used to chat online back in the day on bme in the mid 90′s my old name was shim anyway hope lifes treating you well take care

  7. Not enough of women do!!! But is also funny because a lot of the mods men are doing more of were done on and by the women of the tribes that did them

  8. Okay. Enough of this face already. The Galleries of BMEzine should be diversified, but instead we have 20 pictures of this girl on every page, posting every other day. We get it kid, you want to be noticed and that’s fine, but this obsessive posting appears like desperation of, “PlEASE notice me, NOW!” Stop it. Maybe take a break, hun? Or continue to post up more, but know that these are the galleries of bmezine.com, not the galleries of Leanne/ theholeyone.

  9. I have no desire to be noticed. I simply post to a modification website.

  10. I think she looks gorgeous. I always see photos of her in the galleries. I love the look of the white plugs; looks almost angelic.

    The_Holeyone, it must have taken you years of dedication to stretch all those! The holey one indeed. :)

    I never see many girls in real life with larger gauge piercings; there’s always lots of teenagers in my town (Wellington, NZ) with large gauge lobes, but even then they’re not usually over 10-16mm. I only know a couple of girls with larger gauge piercings other than their lobes. Hopefully in time that’ll change.

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