Is anyone interested in history?

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Rachel has graciously allowed me access to the ModBlog control panel. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it, to be honest. I already have a bunch of blogs that you may or may not read- ScarWars, Occult Vibrations and my own personal diary site, so what can I offer to you folks here at Modblog?

History maybe?

My passion is the documentation of the things that I love. Always has been. I’m one of those folks who wants to know everything about the things that interest me. Luck (and a birthday in the 1970s) placed me right smack dab in the middle of the cultural shift in the Body Modification community, when the older generation and the younger generation met and everything changed. Jack Yount (pictured above) was instrumental in teaching me about those who came before me as well as instilling a desire in me to document and preserve those lessons.

So tell me ModBlog… If I post it, will you read it? Are there still folks out there that want to know who Jack Yount was, or what a U-Tube is? What connection Cliff Raven had to Ed Hardy or how old Brian Skellie was the first time I saw him naked?

Remember that there’s a comment section and let me hear from you. I want interaction on Modblog!

54 thoughts on “Is anyone interested in history?

  1. We can’t grow and flourish without knowing where we came from…bring it.

  2. I would LOVE to learn some history!!! Especially about Jack Yount. He is one of the first pioneers of the industry I learned about from my mentor as well as one of my personal heroes!!! I have searched for information about him online many many times and aside from finding a couple videos, pics, and interviews there really isn’t that much out there about him…or I just haven’t stumbled up on it.

  3. For those of you who don’t know- Mr. Skellie and I go back a long way. 23 years or so. We used to be the kids and now we have our share of gray hairs.. but man we had a damned good time.

  4. I’d love to see this active with someone who’s familiar with our community and industry’s history indeed.

    I’ll be watching!

  5. Lexci-
    You meant to say “I’ll be watching and joining in on the discussion”, right?

  6. The why of where we are today does not make sense without the history of where we came from. you post, many will read

  7. I would love to read the history :)

    Would be an amazing group of articles

  8. I love the way you document things…I was a online cover a few years ago. I think you may remember. My first fleshpull, young brown haired girl with dare shirt. hahaha I pulled against Tammy. Anyways, I wish I still had those pictures. Have fun cant wait to here your thoughts

  9. Elayne-
    I could also talk about the first time you saw ME naked in a hotel room in Michigan. A lot of the history of body modification comes back to nudity.

  10. Would def like to read about the past, and its cool to see a few of the names the bbs above as well.

  11. What modblog needs, in my opinion, is consistent, informative, and interesting posts. The history would be wonderful to learn. I would love to see (and comment on) more of that :)

  12. Definitely! Really looking forward to more posts from you in the future, Shawn. I’m enjoying what you’ve posted already.
    I also agree that what modblog needs is steady, informative posts. Whether it be past or present, there’s always plenty to write about when it comes to this community.

  13. I’d love to learn more about modification history, it has always intrigued me!!

  14. Do it! How many other people have videos and pics from the time period your talking about? So many people would love to read this.

  15. I leave it in your hands folks-
    If we can keep up with this kind of community interaction, I’ll get the ball rolling.

    First up is Jack Yount. Working on it now.

  16. I have always appreciated and really enjoyed posts concerning the history of modern body modification. In general your posts have always been inspiring to me, so please post and a write here again.

  17. Yay finally some good action on Modblog again ?? Dear mr, Porter I personally will read the fuck out of things you´ll post :3

  18. More history would be wonderful! Having a birthday in the 60′s and just rediscovering things, I am interested in more than what i have read in Modern Primitive!!

  19. History is fun to read and learn about, but I do hope you maintain the essence of this blog which, to me at least, is showing new and exciting things that are going on in the community. If it just becomes one big history lesson…well, that’s gonna get old fast.

  20. Rylan-
    New and exciting things aren’t really going to be something I’m covering. Jen and the rest of the volunteers are more than capable of that. Me personally- I prefer time tested things. I would never feature a modification that we haven’t figured out the worst case scenarios on for fear of people not heeding the warnings and injuring/damaging themselves. So you may find yourself considerably bored with my content. But that’s ok, too!

  21. Noooo, not me. Other than the book reviews (which I enjoy), I only post from time to time when we’re left in the lurch. I freely pass that torch to anyone willing to take it up.

  22. Would love to get some more body mod history from you Shawn! While you’re sitting behind the ModBlog control panel, as it were, how would you feel about an article for those new to BME with links to all the old Publisher’s Ring series, the articles written by Fakir and Jim Ward, and what the hell, all the stuff Erik Sprague posted several years ago. If we’re going down the history road, those would be a pretty good prep-read IMHO :]

  23. 37 comments? I guess that means the interest’s there – looking forward to your posts!

  24. Please please please! Knowing where we came from is important, the history of body modification is wonderful and needs to be shared.

  25. Shawn…youd be my hero for the year if I could see them and save a copy for myself. I still remember you asking me if I like rice krispies, and I had no clue what you were talking about until…yepp.

  26. Shawn, great idea. Thanks for posting!

    Also, did anyone else notice Todd Bertrang posted a comment? Hey Todd! Glad to see you around. Very glad.

  27. @Shawn, he was there?!?!?! That’s so amazing! Rad picture! That makes me really happy. Todd and I were pals on the old bme bbs back in the day and I worked on his website briefly before Loco took it over (I didn’t have a computer at home, and working from the university labs with pics of his work wasn’t exactly ok, ha). I must meet Todd someday. Of the 3 in that pic, I’ve met 2. You and Rachel were at the NYE bme bbq in 2000. You handed me a bottle of wine to swig from, and it was delicious.

  28. Yes!! Don’t let modblog die! I used to check this literally every single day, now I check it maybe once a week to see if anything new is up which usually is not the case

  29. @Shawn, all day after I posted that comment I wondered if I’d actually met you. Something didn’t seem right. And I think I confused you with Phil Barbosa :) Sheesh, 2000 was such a long time ago…. So, hopefully I can meet you and Todd someday.

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