The Conquering Sun


I first met Neeko at a ModCon event- my memory fails me so it could have been MC2 or MC3. He was a kid then (hell; so was I) and was full of wide eyed wonder at the goings on at the world’s only surgical modification convention.

Our paths crossed again a few years later at a suspension event in Vermont called Burning Swing and over the years we’ve said our hellos and on occasion, talked modification. Lately he’s been doing a very unique style of branding called SOLAR BRANDING; focusing the sun’s rays through a crystal ball to brand the skin. My memory is hazy, so there’s a chance that we’ve covered Neeko’s Solar Brands before, but there’s no time like the present to show new readers (and old readers who’s memory is as hazy as mine) the possibility of this technique.

I’m going to sit down with Neeko (and any other interested party- look for a pre conference post from me soon) next week at the annual APP Conference in Las Vegas and do a video interview with him, so… as always, your comments are welcome and if there are any questions you’d like me to ask him about Solar Branding…. put them in the comments section!


5 thoughts on “The Conquering Sun

  1. wow, i’m in amazement how relatively common place facial modifications have become since I was inadvertently sent to reform school by people who felt genital modifications “adverse” to their view of reality. Keep up the good work Shawn!

  2. Very cool work. I’ve wondered about using a magnifying glass to do brands for a long time.

    One of the things I would worry about with this technique would the be fact that in order to create the heat (to accomplish the brand) you also have to focus UV rays. All glass filters quite a bit but not all UV. Strike branding and electrocautery don’t have to deal with this. I wonder if there’s an increased risk of skin cancer… not to be a hater… haha.

  3. I didn’t take it as ‘haterism’ at all, John.
    It’s a valid question with a procedure who’s long term effects aren’t known. Much like eyeball tattooing (which has enough anecdotal negative side effects that make me a strong detractor of the procedure) it’s a time will tell kinda thing.

  4. should run some calculations, but my engineer instincts make me seriously doubt that uv threat… any kind of radiations work on dosage, and even if the lens lets through a noticable amount of uv, the time of exposure is very short. besides, tissue that gets the uv will be burnt away….

  5. I have three brands from Neeko. All were done in 2011 and were very much some of his first. The first one he did on me, which was his second performed, was done after APP that year in Andrew S’ back yard. To me, it is my favorite, as well as, most visible. I have had my questions about the whole skin cancer thing too, I’ve list two family members to the disease. I wish I saw Neeko more often, especially now that he’s moved onto bigger pieces, compared to my fist sized ones. When I saw him in April, the things he was starting to show me with where made it completely amazed me. Looking forward to seeing your video interview with him!

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