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The body modification world (and IAM Community) lost one of it’s most memorable characters on 22nd March 2011 when Adam Aries- better known as Zidney Fiendish, passed away at the age of 29. His death caused a crushing blow to the people who’s lives he touched; as a piercer at Pino Bro’s tattooing, an integral member of the RITES OF PASSAGE suspension group, security at the Middle East club and freelance DJ/VJ, Adam had a tangible presence in multiple communities and subcultures, and we all felt a communal sense that a truly bright light had left us.

Atom Moore- a talented photographer (who documented two Scarwars events among other much more ambitious projects) and close friend of Zid’s spent the better part of a decade documenting their friendship; Atom found a muse in Zid who always provided more than expected when a camera was around.

The best images from their friendship and collaborations will be featured in a solo show starting July 7th  at NYC’s Sacred Gallery from 8-11pm. The gallery is located at 424 Broadway on the second floor, just up from Canal Street.

Even if you never had the pleasure of meeting Zid (and the stories I could tell you…) this solo show from Moore promises to be an emotional and highly stylized documentation of friends that became family through blood, sweat and tears.

7 thoughts on “The Locust

  1. First time I walked into Pino Bros, my first thought was “Hey, isn’t that the guy that works at the Middle East?” You couldn’t miss him, and in a way, he was one of those heavily modified people that I always looked up to, even though I didn’t know him personally. Looking forward to seeing this show.

  2. One year I decided, randomly, to have my birthday party in Boston. With almost no notice my then wife and I headed up to Mass and got a bunch of friends together at some weird grown up Chuck E. Cheese kind of place. I got a text from Zid telling me to meet him outside; he had worked a double, drove an hour plus to hug me and tell me happy birthday, then had to drive and hour plus back to go back to his other job. When I told him that he shouldn’t have made a two hour round trip just for a hug, he looked at me completely confused by that..

    “I love you man. Happy birthday. Why wouldn’t I make the drive?”

    Hopped back in his van and headed off.

    Thats just the kind of guy he was.

  3. Christ, who’s cutting onions in here?

    Looks like I’ll be taking a trip to NY and a day off work that Monday.

  4. Miss him! He was the best! I knew him when we were both just kids! He was truly inspirational and a great friend! Ill never forget him!

  5. In all honesty, not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. He made every day at Pino’s a better on, and his genuine thoughtfulness and passion for everything he wanted to do still sticks with me today. I will be planning a trip to NYC to honor this guy, and can’t wait to see all the others he has touched.

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