Happy Birthday, Fakir!



In 1989 San Francisco publishers Vale and Juno released a book who’s impact on our subculture is still tangible 24 years later, shining a spotlight on a scene that up until then was mostly underground. Modern Primitives.

It’s interviews are incredible and varied with highlights including Don Ed Hardy, Manwoman, Anton LaVey, Raelyn Gallina and of course- Fakir Musafar.

Fakir was an early pioneer of ritual body modification who’s contributions go far beyond the limitations of the human body- his desire to document his experiments and share them with like minded people at a time where exposure could have cost him greatly produced some of the most iconic images the body modification scene has ever seen.

Today is his birthday and we here at Modblog would like to extend our good wishes for many more birthdays for Fakir as well as our thanks.

Happy birthday!

Photo C. Fakir Musafar

377714_4397120693666_450451457_nShawn has spent the majority of his ife in the modification world.
In addition to writing poorly for Modblog, he also edits the often neglected Scarwars site, the more frequently updated Occult Vibrations tattoo blog as well as his personal diary at Sacred Debris. He lives in Philadelphia with his faithful Italian Greyhound Bailey, and a steadily growing Pushead collection.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Fakir!

  1. Happy birthday ! My life changed direction after reading modern primitives , changed me into the man I am today . Thank you fakir musafer

  2. Hi Shawn, thanks for the lovely remembrance on my birthday. It warms my heart to be so lovingly remembered. And I’ still kicking ass and having a fun life! Plan on more fun in years to come.

  3. Hello, being a reader of this blog for a long time, I regret that so little has been providing from the sad moment. Nobody can take it ?

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