By The Way…Hello!

I figure an introduction is in order!

My name is Coyote and I’m a new author for Modblog! You might remember me from These old Modblog entries, or as the old creator of the IAM: Bodies forum. I’m also a professional piercer of three years. My ultimate goal is to be a good torch carrier and continue the amazing legacy left by previous authors. Here is a bit more on why I wanted to write for Modblog.

This logo changed my life, just as it did for many of you reading this. I am 23 years old but when I first discovered BME and Modblog as a young teen it was earth shattering. At the time I wasn’t friends with anyone in the modification community and I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania. I never really thought  a place like BME  existed in my wildest dreams and probably learned more about myself in three hours of reading blog entries than I did the last three years of my life. Not everything posted was exactly my cup of tea but I understood the drive behind it. I learned that body modification encompasses a lot of different things, and I tried to be the best student I could.

Before BME

After BME

I believe in BMEzine and in this community and I also believe Modblog is an invaluable resource for young people in similar situations as I was once in to learn and grow.  I feel that I am emotionally and spiritually obligated to contribute and give back what I have been given for so many years. One can only hope to be able to inspire the same sense of wonder and passion in someone that the previous contributors did for me.

 I’m extremely excited to be a part of Modblog, and I’d like to thank everyone for having me here!

12 thoughts on “By The Way…Hello!

  1. I hope you post very often. Sad to say, there hasn’t been much activity since Shannon passed but you seem to have a lot of potential!!!

  2. Thanks so much for picking modblog back up! I’ve been missing it sorely. It is indeed a valuable resource for the younger ones. BME had a similarly life changing effect on me. It showed me i wasn’t alone (and lead me to my first suspension!) So stoked that you’re here, doing this job for the community.

  3. It’s really awesome to be getting this support everyone! I have a bunch of really fun (and consistent) posts coming down the pipe. I’m working hard to keep this train a rollin but I cant do it without all of you! Keep up the awesome submissions guys!

  4. You can’t imagine the smile in my face when I saw more than 1 post that I haven’t read in the last few days. Just wanted to say thank you very much.

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