Times They Are A Changin’

In a relatively short time, body modification seems to have not only grown, in terms of pushing boundaries but also in terms of mainstream attention, at least, that has been my observation.  I can’t imagine some of the more extreme body modifications being covered in mainstream media (other than a purely negative piece) when I first discovered BME (however many years ago that was, shh, not telling).


Gelding sent me a link to an interview he did with Gawker.  The interview itself is very professional and positive (I can’t speak for the comments).  It’s refreshing to see this sort of extreme modification getting positive coverage from a more mainstream outlet.

Click more NSFW image.


Nullo gallery on BME.

5 thoughts on “Times They Are A Changin’

  1. great read, nice to see an interesting article on here :D

    however, i’m surprised you haven’t posted anything on the Nose reshaping/removal by emilio gonzales… would be awesome to read an in-depth analysis of that whole, er, thing.

  2. I’m working to gain broader acceptance within the medical profession for those who do not fit comfortably within the possibly too narrow confines of “male” or “female”.
    Transgender is accepted, the change of one’s birth gender and genitals to the “opposite” sex. Typically, the medical profession assumes that transgender genital surgery is necessarily a part of transgender transformation that includes changing one’s social appearance and behavior to the “opposite” sex.
    But I’m a eunuch with no genitals now. I don’t fit well into the transgender medical profession cubbyhole.
    I happen to be gay and eunuch. I know of at least one straight eunuch.
    There’s a spectrum of sexuality, gender, social appearance and behavior, and I’m learning that we need to be free to choose what is best for each of us.
    Some medical professionals are discussing a Standard of Care for “male to eunuch” (MTE) – or NULLO.
    There are also males who wish to alter genitals to female vagina but to remain socially male in appearance and behavior – except in the privacy of intimate relations with sexual partners.
    Things evolve.

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