4 thoughts on “BME2

  1. Such a long time we haven’t seen a “guess what ? ” here. Thanks for this. I hope many more will come !

  2. Wow. Is that what I think it is? How does he pee? The peircings are ingenious, but again how does he pee? Sorry to be stuck on that fact, but his penis is split, how the hell is he peeing?!

  3. It looks like the urethra is undamaged so I assume he pees from that like any other guy, but messier.:p

    MY question is: How can he cum? Is oral/fingers stimulation enough since this mod covers or blocks so much of the sensitive skin? Penetration of vagoo/ass is a no-go, and there is certainly no longer any means to jack off in the traditional sense. I also imagine the end of this being pretty messy too. Without the cock-muscles propelling the semen out, are the kagel-area muscles enough to get distance, or does it just dribble out? Inquiring sick fuck minds want to know!

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