Week in the news: 5/31 – 6/5/08

I’ll be offline over the weekend hence an earlier newsfeed post:

Body piercing aftercare according to one doctor: Hygiene important for piercing

On a slightly bizarre note: Man wearing nothing but tattoos arrested in woman’s home in CO, Man sticks it out 900 times for piercing record in TX and Chinese man sticks 2008 needles in his head in, quite obviously, China (the last link submitted by CuteLittleMetal)

A recent event with a comment by Lyle Tuttle and an upcoming event featuring designs by Ed Hardy

Modern tattoo artists – a female tattoo artist from Phililippines and a prospective one from USA

An interesting and thought-provoking read: Norms and Deviations. Who’s to say? (submitted by prurientpenguin)

Scare tactics – an article about unusual phobias, including a phobia of body jewelry.

Law-related: Swastika tattoo arrest in Germany (in English; submitted by freekyeyes) and new laws proposed in Russia.

Tattoos on swimmers: Top 5 tattoos in swimming.

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Week in the news: 5/25 – 5/31/08

How *not* to use ear cleaning solution!

Sometimes it goes the other way: my father likes to show off his nipple rings, I love her but I don’t love her tattoos and a boyfriend’s piercings stick a fork in romance.

“Appearances matter” says the author of In NBA playoffs, less ink means more viewers (submitted by xPurexFuckingxGonzox and MrNoModifications). A different point of view can be found here.

A handful of statistics and personal opinions in the article about ‘body art stigma’ in workplace.

Economy leaves mark on tattoos and tattoos of presidential candidates ( more… )

Thanks to elissamay for submitting an article about voluntary amputees and BIID (you can also read a BME interview with ‘One Hand Jason’)

Philly chefs’ tattoos tell tales.

Our “roots” with a modern twist: Show us your tattoos, sailor.

To end it on an international (and “slightly” older) note, here’s a short but interesting article submitted by MrNoModifications: Members of believed-to-be-extinct Metyktire tribe show up in ‘civilized’ world, sporting huge lip plates (in German); more in English

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Week in the news: 5/18 – 5/24/08

Modblog posts devoted to earlobe reversal show clearly that there is some interest in it; here’s some extra information on the procedure itself and its cost when done by a doctor: Gauges a new problem for plastic surgeons (submitted by iam: quinnnchick).

Tattoo convention coverage: NYC Tattoo Convention, Hell City Tattoo Fest, Maritime Tattoo Festival in Canada and another one about a tattoo convention in Prague, Czech Republic.

Eligible for an economic stimulus check and no idea how to both help economy and have some fun? You can find some inspiration here: Helping the economy bounce back, one tattoo at a time. Before you go out to spend this extra money, though, make sure you know what to look for and which shops you should avoid: Tattoo terror: a special undercover investigation in CO.

This one, also from CO, was submitted by Roo; I like the picture!

The 2008 presidential election in the US seems very interesting, so no wonder that people show their support in many ways, also by means of tattoos; let’s just hope no one will regret the indelible Hillary (more…)

A small selection of articles about body modification and jobs: Army bars tattooed man from re-enlisting in the UK, 100 ‘extras’ wanted but no-one with tattoos also in the UK, Sheriff: cover your tattoos (more…) in OH and now, the tattoo policy published in MI.

Something light and interesting to read: Zulu Tattoo; and an article I found pretty confusing (not to say plainly weird): Paris and Nicole forget which Madden brother is which.

Big thanks to Roo and the person who sent it to BME: Bites.

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Week in the news: 5/11 – 5/17/08s

It’s sad to watch a culture waning in front of our eyes, but it’s uplifting to see efforts to save as much of it as possible: Photos of Manx tattoos needed for heritage project. You can read more about the Isle of Man and Manx triskelion here

If you happen to be in San Diego area, consider checking out an exhibition about tattoos in Oceanside museum: O’side museum displays tattoo artwork and ‘It would be a great forum.’ There’s also another exhibition about tattoo art in Austria (this one’s in German)

Visiting a museum exhibition is one option but you can also try to read a book on the subject: New Book gives ink to tattoos (more here) or, just to balance things up a little, In pictures: the most ridiculous tattoos ever (more)

Looks like there is a lot of things going on in the “law department” – Body art licensing takes effect soon in NM, more focus on tattoos and body piercing in the UK and South Portland weighs tattoo parlor moratorium. And let’s not forget about Australia where teens face extreme body art ban.

Educating ourselves and others seems a better solution. Lexci Million, only briefly mentioned in this article, says more on the subject: “we tour that talk year-round to multiple schools and organizations. It definitely makes an impact as we gear it towards junior and senior high school kids who are just starting to look to body modification as a new form of expression. We give them simple, easy-to-remember information on what to look for in a reputable shop. (Present spore tested autoclave, cleanliness, jewelry quality, appropriate conduct from the piercer, dangers of home piercing and piercing guns etc) so it’s not necessarily a tour to promote the shop I work at. If you’re running a reputable business, you’ll benefit from it too! It is very well received. The talk itself is 1/2 and hour to about 45 minutes depending on our alloted time, leaving the Q&A period as long as possible. The kids love it! We get a lot of the “Did that hurt?” questions mixed in, but a lot of them are really interested to learn the things they thought were normal”.

Rachel has already mentioned NYC tattoo convention but there is more going on around: Hell City Tattoo Fest and Skin Art Expo in the US and there’s also a tattoo festival in Thailand (more…)

If you crave for a new tattoo and yet have to deal with lack of acceptance from your mother, consider getting a “mom tattoo” as, apparently, on Mother’s Day some say it with ink. Since this holiday is still ahead for some of us, it’s worth giving it some thought.

A few celebs either got or decided to remove their body art but the statement “bad tattoos happen to naive people” seemed more interesting.

Thanks to Snap Dragon for submitting a link to LI(f)E Controversy over a scarification piece.

And, finally, a small dose of open-mindness: ‘Hard core’ music reaches youth, metal concert as a place of revelation and it’s not government’s job to police clothing.

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Week in the news: 5/4 – 5/10/08

At the end of March Shannon posted a link to article about Sophie Lancaster. Here’s a follow-up of this story: Goths’ blackest day and Standing up for Goths.

You can also read and voice your opinions on these articles:

- Down with tattoos;

- Painful-looking piercings produce unnatural body mutilation;

In other not that good news: Teen’s lip piercing leads to MRSA infection (submitted by krikitfrog) and weeks in hospital after getting pierced (this one is in German);

New law in Australia soon: Australian state to outlaw “intimate” piercings of minors and Age limit on body piercing welcomed.

Also, with a recent wave of graduations from colleges and universities, journalists give us something to consider: suited for the workplace.

IAM-ers mentioned in the online articles this week:

- Allen Falkner and his TSD in Stabbed in the back for fun;

- MONTE in Suspend all disbelief at Dr Jack’s ;

- iam: bleeding in a Swedish article submitted by Aghori_Baba.

People and their tattoos: Social Distortion singer about music and tattoos, Braddock Mayor gets tattoo for every victim of violence, a Mexican tattoo artist featured in Tattoos by Goethe, a daughter of a Dutch tattoo artist about her father (this one’s in Dutch) and  Drummer changed man’s life.

Some of you may find this concept interesting: Electronic tattoo display runs on blood submitted by cocaire

On the final note, something funny submitted by Pademelon: Baywatch actor popped for pilfering pages.

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Week in the news: 4/27 – 5/3/08

Not really in the scope of BME interests but since body art has many faces, here’s two of them:
- Orlan and her Post-Identity Strategies;
- Temporary and yet ancient – the art of henna;

Tattoo artists speak: Local tattoo shop offers body art, Got ink?
For legitimate tattoo artists, health and safety is as much an issue as art
and Behind the scenes reveals more than tattoo TV shows.

In one of my favorite categories of articles about body art, people and their tattoos, you can read about an Alabama sports fan covering himself with tattoos , a tattooed college professor and a pretty heavily tattooed lawyer from the UK.

And let’s not forget about Susan Sarandon who got her tattoos done to celebrate her 60th birthday (I came across several posts about it but this one is “special”). In case we don’t want to get anything permanent, we can always wear it like Beckham.

In the law-related news: Health department bans tattoo branding in PA and Teen tattoo creates a stir in ND.

havoq submitted an interesting link about Spiderman tattoo (comments about this one are also interesting).

On a different note, looks like temporary tattoos may be used for kid’s safety.

Finally, to add an international touch to the post, a few articles about body art around the world (some of them a little older than just one week): Tattoos, piercing on the rise as fashion statement from Pakistan, Youth line up to get tattoos erased and Tattoo tales go wrong from India and tattoo artists hope to work legally in Turkey.

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Week in the news: 4/20 – 4/26/08

We all love surprises, don’t we? Sometimes they happen around tattoo conventions – Philadelphia, PA and another one in the UK.

Tattoos in academia – TX twice, NE once.

Body modifications and the Law – a little older article from NY and two more from IA and MN; and yet another one from Germany.

You can try to discuss the subject of body piercing but tattoos apparently remain a mystery

And, finally, something both exotic and lighter from India.

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Week in the News – 4/13 – 4/19/2008

Tattoo popularity soars but you still can get ”good” ol’ comments about your body art.

Stories behind people’s tattoos again, this time from Scotland.

As many of you know, this weekend in Philly, PA and in Reno, NV

A little older but very interesting articles about Leo Zulueta and Guy Aitchison (submitted by faeven).

Something body piercing-related.

Ink as art in WI and an article about ritual suspensions from Thailand.

And finally, when we decide tattoos aren’t that cool anymore … (this one’s in German).

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The week in the news (04/06 – 04/12. 2008)

My apologies to Ania for not getting her post up more quickly; I didn’t see it had been submitted. Sorry everyone, — Shannon

IAM-ers recently featured in MI and TX online newspapers.

A small coverage of the Arizona Tattoo Expo in Mesa, AZ, from last weekend.

Tattoos as a way to reflect people’s hobbies and beliefs, and two articles shedding some light on the local “scene” in IL and CO.

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* * *

The past week most online newspapers seemed to be very preoccupied with the TSA affair but here’s the only one article for you to read: Nipple rings and national security;

One of IAM-ers got interviewed to answer a very important question how the body is the medium;

In the celebs department a new “record” was achieved thanks to Tommy Lee who boasts new body art and, just for balance’s sake, tattoos were proclaimed as trashy by Katie Holmes.

Trashy or not, tattoos are still something you must pay for, so here is an answer for both a crucial and annoying question we are asking ourselves quite often, i.e., how much does it cost: Tattoo prices unique to design location Too bad it is something only people from NE might find useful.