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Only A Game

Welcome back, ModBloggers! We hope you enjoyed your (potentially) long weekend, whether you were eating Canadian turkeys or getting trashed and singing the praises of ol’ Christopher Columbus or whatever. At any rate, we hope you are refreshed and bearing no more gravy stains than absolutely necessary. Let’s begin our slightly shortened week with these lovebirds, Justin and Lilli, who we last saw about a month ago hanging out safely in some sort of urban jungle. This time, however? They are risking life and limb, perched precariously over the Grand goddamn Canyon, just to give you folks an adorable picture with which to start your day. It’s nothing if not thoughtful, right? Show them some love. And hey, more lovely, outdoorsy, walrus-y goodness, post-jump.

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This Week in BME

Oh hey, it’s Hack! You all remember Hack from this beatific shot from last winter, right? Well, we’re glad to see him at any rate. We cannot figure out, however, exactly what it is he’s trying to force down that bothers him so much. Something obtained from the pond behind him, perhaps? Some tree bark? A DREADLOCK? Whatever it is, if it’s a staple that plays a role in the statuesque appearance possessed by him and so many of his countryfolk, we will take several boxes of this vile creation. In all fairness, he does seem to warm to it just a touch…after the jump.

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Point At My Spots

The last time we featured Lewis Dodd here on ModBlog, we were all admiring his fantastic back-piece, but did you know Mr. Dodd is a body modification practitioner (at Glorybound Tattoo in Exmouth, UK), too? (Well, yeah, you almost surely did.) With that said, here’s a silicone finger implant done by him, one month old in this photo. We’ve seen trans/microdermals in this area before that have healed well, but—and this is just our own typical discomfort talking, here—we can’t help but think something like this would drive us crazy. But hey, in terms of the inherent problems and difficulties working in such a small area and given that it looks relatively happy a month into the healing process? We give this one an “A” for effort at the very least.

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All Other Bliss

Well, this is just lovely, is it not? A pretty face, a handsome photograph and some nice, clean lip sewing by the model’s boyfriend, Tomek LP-U from Art of Pain Body Piercing in Krakow, Poland. “He really wanted to shut me up,” she says of Tomek. Ha, you kidders. Procedural goodness, after the jump.

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Strapped To My Boot

See, now, some people may not agree with the opinion that this play piercing project by Mike Kelton of Karma Tattoo and Body Piercing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is, in fact, a better and more effective sartorial option than the shoulder strap that has been eschewed in favor of it. “But Jordan,” they say, “it does not help keep her shirt on, nor does it fit with the shirt’s color scheme! It is merely a nicely executed design constituting a series of needles that serves no actual structural purpose at all!” To which we reply, Exactly. More procedural photos after the jump.

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Gilded Splinters

We kicked off the week with these UV ink tattoos by Stephanie Campbell at Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton, Alberta, but the question remained among many: What do these suckers look like when not under the glow of one of your fancy ’70s blacklights? Well, Stephanie checked back in with these shots to illustrate the difference. Check out the difference after the jump.

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That Truncheon Thing

We are more or less in a perpetual state of regret that we cannot be at all of the wonderful tattoo conventions and other various body modification gatherings from which we receive photographs, but we are always thrilled nonetheless to receive said photos. Like these, for instance! Esteemed European correspondent Mpatshi sends in these excellent shots from the recently wrapped-up London Tattoo Convention. We will contain our jealousy for the time being, enjoy these and hold out hope that we will not be stuck on this infernal continent next year.

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Swirls All Around

Hey hey, well here’s a happy gent! Goes by the name of Bravemoded and resides somewhere in Germany, according to the literature. We can’t decide what our favorite thing is about this picture. The infectious smile? The excellent tattoo work? The fact that he’s a grown-ass man, sitting in a sandbox and not giving a shit? Maybe that he titled this submission “For A Special Lady,” leaving this lady’s identity a mystery, thus leaving open the possibility that it could be a gift for any one of us girls? Can we cop out with an “all of the above”? Because…we’re pretty sure our answer is “all of the above.”

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Dabbled In Blood

Hey, anyone in the mood for a double-Decker? We first published fresh photos of Heather‘s hand back in those heady days of summer, but now, several months into the healing process, here’s a clearer idea of what the result is likely going to be. Clean, subtle—in our estimation, pretty much ideal for a hand scarification piece. Lovely stuff.

(Cutting by Brian Decker at Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, New York.)

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A Bushy Plume

Hey, what’s that old saying again? The couple that corsets together stays together? Something like that? No? Well, at any rate, here’s another offering from SweetNausea, whose helium-induced set we featured here earlier in the week. This time around, however, we’ve got Adriaan and Shafs with piercings, yet again, by Lliezel Ellick at Wildfire Piercing in Cape Town, South Africa, and similarly photographed by Clare Foxcroft Williams.

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