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Coming To Austin, Texas: Brian Decker!

If there are two things we enjoy above almost all else, they are cephalopod-related body modifications and warm corned beef sandwiches. If we were to add a third item, though, Brian Decker would probably make the list, seeing as he never fails to provide us with awe-inspiring tentacled monsters (though this one was mostly designed by the lovely Candace. In exchange for his contributions to the canon, we’ll pass on the word that Mr. Decker will be in Austin, Texas, at the end of this month, starting around October 20, and he is taking appointments! Visit him on IAM or at Pure Body Arts to set something up. Just do it already.

Their Mandible Tongues

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off hump day with noted sausage-holder Alex, who has eschewed ear meats today in favor of some tasteful black-and-white photography by Jean-Michel Clajot. We like most everything about this shot, but the blurry effect on his upper-arm tattoo is particularly interesting (and maybe even a little creepy), I thought. No? We’re wrong? Whatever.

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The Quiet Game

Welcome back to the BME Film Club! A few months back, we had the privilege of showing you these ultra exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from, whatsitcalled, Twilight, and now, straight from the feel-good hit of the early fall, it is Kevin and Siobhan on the set of your favorite Zombieland film in these pictures courtesy of Red Line Photos! Or, you know, they were at the 2009 Philly Zombie Prom. Either way. There’s another one after the jump—you be the judge.

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Till It Fades

Hey now! I think we can largely agree that floral tattoos are typically pleasant, but this piece by Jared at Covenant in Fort Collins, Colorado? This is one hell of a bold, statement-making floral tattoo. This is about as “go big or go home” as floral tattoos get. We’re going to go out on a limb (or stem? Right? Right?) and guess this woman is no shrinking violet. Er, rose.

Note: BME apologizes for the puns and plays on words included in this post.

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Tangled Up In Black

Good day, ModBloggers! Here we have some cruel bondage out of scenic Poland by “Anna,” done in the privacy of the model’s own home. She makes a daring escape after the jump but, admittedly, looks a little wistful. Sure, she’s free, but at what cost? Is this just Stockholm syndrome or something more? (It is not Stockholm syndrome.)

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As We Two Are One

And finally, fair ModBloggers, let’s end on this single-point forearm suspension courtesy of Brian Wood at Liberty Tattoo Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who last submitted this handsome scarification piece. We suspect this was not a particularly lengthy suspension, but hey, this gentleman stayed up long enough to get a picture off at least, potentially impending arm-related doom notwithstanding. And while you all go off to bed, just remember that there are folks out there risking life and limb not just for their edification, but for yours, too.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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The Only Drink

Look, we know Babasom gets featured frequently around here (lots more), but really, few contributors so consistently conjure up the mix of awe and belly laughter that his photos so often elicit. What I mean is—and I say this with nary a hint of hyperbole—if you don’t like his photos, then you are a hater of freedom. There, I said it. And it’s on the Internet, so it has to be true. Plus, he’s modest. Of the above photo, he says, “It was really tough to do this and take the picture at the same time.” That seems like a gross understatement. We love this man.

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I Like You Temporarily

Whoa hey, lots of great play piercing photos around these parts lately, no? These things feel cyclical sometimes, and what better way to keep the cycle going than with another revolution—like, say, with this lovely set sent in by (and featuring) SweetNausea, for whom this 13-needle session was a graduate photography project. The final product, of course, became the hit Pixar summer tear-jerker Up. We think. Either way, we should all be so lucky to have such fun for school, right? More helium-aided photos in pink and blue, after the jump.

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Called and Sang and Promised

We’re admittedly curious about the reaction you folks may have here. After we posted photos of Tye’s new knuckle tattoos, the old conversation about whether there’s a certain hierarchy of visible/”extreme” modification work that should be adhered to crept back up. (Tye, of course, has his ears pointed and a not insignificant amount of tattoo work, though we will admit these modifications were not perfectly visible in the attached photos.) Our Russian correspondent up top may be a good example of this conflict as well. Not only are medusa piercings stretched so large rare themselves, but it’s especially uncommon to see something like this ostensibly independent of any other major modifications. (There are, of course, marks and scars that indicate previous work.) We’re fans of it, aesthetically speaking, but, even more so than knuckle tattoos, this is a pretty dramatic standalone piece of work. A nice close-up, after the jump.

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