Scarwars 3 Tribute

Thank you to the many people sending in and posting your photos from this year’s Scarwars in Philadelphia. If you read the IAM events page, we’re given a “Why” to the purpose of the event…

“Scarwars was started as a means to unite the Scarification community, to encourage learning and information sharing, and to do it all in a fun social setting.”

Hopefully they accomplished just that.

We’re seeing some incredible work coming out of this year’s event and I’m more than happy to share. Thanks to Casey Goldsmith, Galdra, square, j_scarab, candace, carmela and the other photographers who have sent or posted pictures. And now…

I’m pleased to bring you

(some of…)

your artists.
(photo by Galdra)

Scarwars 2007


Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007
Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007
Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007 Scarwars 2007

To Be Continued…

I fixed it!

Recently, someone commented that ModBlog seemed broken because the pictures didn’t click through to naked women.

Dear That Poster,

You’re awesome.


And while the clickthrough might not contain nudity, it does have a girl that IAM is very lucky to have as a member … so that we (I) may regularly stalk her page.

Photographer credit and many thanks to “Limuel” for panties washing her panties.

14mm outer conch

Now, while Hailstorm has many “attractive” pictures on her IAM page, I have to say this one is my favorite. Of course, I get weak in the knees for green eyes and dark hair and medusas and….this could take a while.

At that time of this photo, her lobes were 1″ 1/8th and her outer conch was 14mm. Photo by Daithan Grainger.

Hailstorm by Daithan Grainger

Scarwars 3

Scar Wars 3 is coming soon. October 19-21. Philadelphia, PA.

j_scarab(‘s back – below) is one of the artists in attendance and he is still accepting appointments, along with the other artists that will be there.

If you’re interested in attending, check out the ScarWars events page (IAM members), visit or you can add them on myspace.

As for j_scarab, click through to see some of his awesome work.

J_Scarab - Click Through To See His Work