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It’s Trauma, Jim, but not as we know it!

Dave “The Piercer” Kelso sent over this footage of a recent performance by OnlyFlesh (more) @ Trauma, Columbus, Ohio.

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That’s a giant PVC dome by the way, kinky sods..

“By the way Edie is doing the knee suspension and I’m there somewhere doing a two point suicide, oh and Erin is taking part in the flesh pulls :)”

Put your lips to my exhaust..

The lighting isn’t great in the following video from Rafa (more) but it’s not often you get to see a car being pulled down the road by a pair of legs, a body and a pair of hooks, now is it.. a-hem..

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Another video from the Rafmeistertronist (calm down, Roo) after the break..

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Every breath you take..

One hundred and eeeighteeeee!!

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Well, almost..

LULZ! I Haz Bottle Neck!

Picture 1: Helping a friend with some portfoliowork. Credit goes to Ylva Holm Torsteinson!! I got my septum in San Francisco… Some place. Cute piercer. Rawr. Lobes 12mm. Way too small ):

Picture 2 (click through): Eating “lunch” in France at a huge photojournalist festival. Gah. Amazing. The same septum as in picture 1… Still got it in San Francisco (Mom’s Body Shop). The piercer was hot. GRRRR!

Samoan Hand-Poked Malu

I stumbled across this video today and realised it was never posted, it’s almost a year old (as is evident by the rather dated watermark) but still worth an airing!

I’ll leave it up to John Harrold to explain..

“I’m a Peace Corps volunteer currently serving in Samoa. Two friends (other volunteers) and myself decided to get traditional tattoos.

My roommate and I had ours done this weekend — simple leg bands around our ankles.

My other friend Candice is scheduled to get a malu. That’s the traditional tattoo that girls get on their upper legs. I’m planning on photographing it and recording the audio of the session (if I can get a directional mic). I’m going to combine it with other singing I’ve recorded while here into a short movie..”

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Stay Calm – This is only a drill scalpel..


if you’re lucky

Seth Wallace hunkered down for this scarification piece by Niki Patterson ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY! more)

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Splish Splash Splosh Sushpension.

The following clip might be short, but what’s important is that it’s short and wet! That’s much more fun than it being long and dry..

You hot mommas and sexy poppas know what I’m talking about, right?

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My requests for details about this footage must have fallen on wet ears (I’ll try sonar next time) but maybe someone watching this will recognise the group and let me know so I can give them the creditz they deserve, failing that hopefully it will stir up the water that’s inevitably on the brain of the suspendee.

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Modified Footage and Cast Request

Rebecca needs you!

“I’m currently casting for a short abstract experimental film on the body and body modification for my masters project, I’m a piercer and I’ll also be filming stuff with Samppa Von Cyborg on the side.

What I’m after is heavily modified people based in the United Kingdom to feature in the film, it’s not a documentary, it’s going to be really arty and cool (a script is currently being written up).

I have no budget but I can travel within the UK for the right footage. It’s all being filmed in HD and burned with blu-ray so it’s gonna be good! All contributors will receive credits and a copy of the film, once it’s complete I’m looking to submit the final product to film festivals et cetera.. Exciting!

To cut to the chase, I’m looking for VERY modified people who would be willing to be in this film for free/and also looking for any footage of your modifications you might like to donate.

I can be reached at the following email address – [email protected]

So get rummaging through your hard drives, check your schedules and help the girl out!

When the clock’s in my hand..

Your time is over, homie!

I don’t leave the block without my clock!
Is it because I’m standing with yo’ bitch?
Or got all these stones on my wrists?
Don’t think your leavin’ here with this,
I don’t leave the block, without my clock!

The actual meaning of this hand tattoo on IAM: zombea is, wait for it..

I’ve got too much time on my hands!

By Tim McKenny (Myspace), Maya Tattoo, Sioux City, Iowa.

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