Elio: DIY Human Experimentation

I first met Tucson, Arizona-based Elio when he wrote me after I posted some pictures of saline inflation done using food color, and mused about the idea of using tattoo ink in order to dye large areas of tissue using a single injection and, done carefully, minimal pain. After he sent the fascinating results of his experiments with that technique, I started learning about his other modifications, all of them self-done and often bizarre and unique, a number of them things that no one else that I knew of had ever tried before. A number of these were made even more unique by the fact of Elio being born with female genitals which have been sculpted and enhanced not just with body modification but with hormones as part of a female-to-male gender transformation. It was a huge pleasure talking to Elio — it’s always liberating hearing the story of people who go their own way.

While the body modification community these days can be rather hostile to DIY modifications and explorations that are arguably better left to experienced professionals, because my body modification journey started in the 1980s when DIY was often the only option I have never been particularly bothered by people choosing that path up the mountain. It’s not the safest path for sure, and it’s not one that I’d recommend to most people — and for me to do so would be irresponsible given that there are safe and well marked trails up that mountain — but there are unique benefits (and dangers) to free climbing new routes or even those others have previously marked as dangerously impossible. I hope that those people who have difficulty appreciating the DIY journey, for whatever reason, will still read this interview with an open mind and accept that it is possible that there are many different valid ways to live, and that even if someone’s approach to life isn’t right for you, it may well be right for them and that by learning about journeys other than your own you can gain insights into the human experience that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. It was a great pleasure getting to know Elio, and I’m happy to share this interview, an excerpt from my upcoming book, here on BME.

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Tongue Split = Mutant Healing Factor

One of the most amazing thing about tongue splits is that they heal crazy fucking fast, have no long term risks, and have the highest satisfaction rate of any body modification out there. They heal faster than tongue piercings — and probably faster than any other modification with the exception of tattoos — and they’re not going to chip your teeth. That said, it does require skilled hands to do it right. While it is true that nightmare incompetent tongue splits by DIY home doctors tend to be survivable and heal just fine, they’re playing with fire and at a minimum you’ll have way more pain, fear, and there’s a solid chance you won’t get as good looking or deep of a split. It is the sort of thing you should want to do responsibly. Don’t take my comment on how easily it heals and how happy people are with them to mean you can have your dog do it, even if he is very well-trained border collie.

This example was done by the fully human Gladix at On Edge Piercing & Tattooing in The Hague, with beautifully clean looking suturing. Only seven days later and Tirza’s tongue split looks incredible. Nice and deep, perfectly rounded edges without any scarring. Superb work. I should mention that even though the tongue split looks completely healed at this point, but it could take a few weeks more before it can truly be considered fully healed.


Dallas SusCon 2011 – Day 3

Well, after yesterday’s camera fiasco, Naked Lens stepped up to help out and provided the photos for today’s recap.  So a big thank you goes out to him.

Today was the big day.  Everyone who is attending this year makes an appearance on the Saturday.  Even before the official opening of the event, suspensions were taking place.  The first suspension of the day goes to Samar and her “Shrimp” suspension, put together by Christiana, Havve, and Alan from Wings of Desire.

I believe Havve is responsible for naming this modified inverse resurrection.

And with that the day had begun.  The first order of business was to welcome all 180+ attendees to Dallas.  The day started out on a somber tone as we took the time to remember Adam.  Mike from Hooked then approached the microphone to talk about the other member of the community that was unable to attend this year, Arwen (Spliff).  Mike read a letter from Jill, and turned the stage back to Allen who led the crowd in the Disgraceland chant which must have been heard all the way in NYC, as it shook the walls here in Dallas.

I’m going to take a quick break here just to save some space on the main page.  To read the rest, you know what to do.

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Why do men have nipples?

There’s an easy answer to that question, they have nipples so they can be removed.

The excellent removal and suturing job was done by none other than the multi-talented Efix Roy from D-Markation in Quebec.  Also, if you happen to be in the Toronto area next week, Efix will be stopping by Exotix Studios to do some with with Six.

Hopefully we get more pictures as this heals up as I know a lot of people out there would be interested in seeing it.

6 pictures worth 6 thousand words

A friend of mine sent me these procedural pics of a subdermal implant he did. He prefers to remain anonymous, which for procedures of questionable legality, such as subdermal implants, I whole heartedly recommend.

These pictures do a great job of showing the procedure step by step, from the marking to the suturing and each step in between. Procedural pics are a great way to see the actual procedure that was done to you as well as to share the steps with people who may be interested in the same mod. So next time you are getting a mod, whether it be subdermal implants or a simple piercing ask the artist if he/she minds photos being taken and if they are cool with it have a friend document the experience. Of course, submitting these pics to BME to share with the community would be a great next step!


To see all six procedural pictures in order, keep on keeping on.

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Eye suturing video

Thanks to Janice for this video.

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members