SPC: ModCon One (1999)


How do you write an article about an event so private, so secretive, that it’s guests were made to sign nondisclosure agreements? Easy. Just be one of the ones who didn’t sign. Over the last fourteen years, the ModCon events have been shrouded in mystery. Fight Club jokes aplenty- the first rule of Modcon is that you don’t talk about ModCon and so on.

But today, we’re going to do just that. In a continuing series of articles on my life in the modern Body Modification community I’ve decided to shed a little light on ModCon; where the idea first came from, the 1998 event that never happened and more.

Obviously there will be a lot left out for the sake of discretion (as well as keeping some of the mystery) but if you’re a geek for this sort of thing…  read on. Continue reading

Daniel’s Achilles Piercing

I’ve posted about Daniel Rutt’s amazing piercings elsewhere (and Rob featured them ages ago in a “guess what” post), but I thought ModBlog deserved me taking the time to talk to him about them in detail. The story begins just over two years ago when, a week before Christmas 2010, Daniel had Patrick Kielty (of Body Alter in Worksop, England) do the pair of deep achilles piercings using 1.6mm (14ga) PTFE flexible rods, prescribing the normal simple aftercare of using salt water solution to keep them clean.

Before I talk more about Daniel’s life after leaving the studio, I want to quickly share what Patrick told me about doing the piercing. First he did lots of anatomical study, which lead him to decide that if when he felt for the “sweet spot” he would only continue with the piercing if the tissue was minimal an he was quite certain he wasn’t going to be hitting anything he shouldn’t. Luckily in Dan’s case he could “practically feel [his] thumb and finger touch”, so they went ahead with the calculated risk of skewering him with a needle running between the achilles tendon and the bones of his leg and ankle. From the piercer’s point of view, Patrick described it as something akin to a scaled up handweb, and quite soft to get through.

daniel-achilles-1t daniel-achilles-2t

As you can see, it’s a lot bigger than 14ga now, because every few months he’s stretched it up (much to Patrick’s surprise incidentally). Initially he did this by using different sized PTFE rods, which he found extremely painful due to the rods jumping up in size 2mm at a time — squeezing them through the piercings was difficult and uncomfortable. Once Daniel reached 6mm (about 2ga), he gave up on this method and switched to packing the piercing with a whole bunch of small 1mm (18ga) PTFE rods. Every time he felt ready to stretch he would push another small rod into the middle (or sometimes two, but never more). It was still slightly uncomfortable, but overall the method worked well and in any case was a big improvement over the larger steps in his initial method. Because of the smaller increases, he spaced them just under a month apart.

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Pow! Right to the moon!

I had yet another brutal day at the hospital — it seems that’s the one part of my life I can never catch a break on, but my life is one of extremes, most of them good, so perhaps this is some sort of cosmic balance in action. Anyway, Paige sent me this picture which is very much brightening my day.

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, well, have you ever seen one of those cheezy action-kung-fu movies where some Ricki-oh wannabe punches their opponent so hard through the chest that they can do the ol’ “proudly clutching the still-beating-heart Aztec sacrifice” trick on the way out? Anyway, in the story of Saiga Paige-Oh, Kev takes one hell of a penetrating blow to the nutsack — BAM! Quarter inch to the right, and he’d never be able to have kids. Half inch to the left, and his testicles would be on the moon right now.

Click to uncensor
Click to uncensor

But seriously, Kev’s transscrotal was originally cut to 7/16″ by Matt Vermillion in December of 2011 — Paige instantly remembered the date because it was the day after she had her own circles of tissue excised, a much less threatening pair of punched flats. Scrotums, whether it’s the whole thing or a piercing, are some of the stretchiest tissue on the body, and since healing it he’s stretched it up to about two inches in diameter. Perfect for all sorts of hilarious insertions!

A perfect fit

One aspect of modification that we don’t talk about a lot is the setting of goals.  Often we focus on pushing the limits, as that can yield some incredible results.  However for most of us, setting a goal and working towards it is a key element in our journey to reshape our bodies.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that one member of the community has just hit a goal that he set some time ago.  Kev_n has finally reached his goal size for his transscrotal, and although he neglected to mention the specific size, it’s clear that he’s been stretching it for a while.

Yeah, even with the blurring it’s still painfully obvious what the image is of, but you’ll still have to read ahead to see the unblurred version.

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Six Deep Clavicle Piercings

You almost certainly recognize him by his immense forearm implants in the foreground of the picture, but this radical piercing set was done by Gerson de Arauju of João Pessoa, Brazil, who you likely know better as FREAK UREA. His client now wears six sub-clavicle piercings, which may be the most installed in anyone (I can think of several people with four). Sub-clavicles are one of those conundrum piercings which common sense tells you should be almost comically suicidal in nature, opening such an easy channel for infection into the inner body… yet they have proven themselves in the small handful of people wearing them (perhaps a few dozen) to be shockingly trouble-free, taking about a year to heal and rarely causing complications in either the long-term or the short-term — unlike transscrotals, which when done in this style (pierced, not sutured), can hospitalize a person with a life-threatening infection within days of getting it.


Now, please don’t read this as me putting on a stamp of “safe” approval because I still consider it near the top of the “risk-level” chart — but, let eyelid piercing and eyeball tattooing and a few other things that common sense says should be high-risk catastrophes, the test of time so far is showing this piercing to be more of a kitten than a lion. And I have to admit that this is to my great surprise.

And as a general PS — I always tell people to watermark their photos because of how many people steal pictures and repost them, or worse, claim them as their own work. I’ve always enjoyed how Gerson “watermarks” a picture by tossing his very unique arm into the shot.

Guess What?

So admittedly the past few Guess What? posts have been pretty easy.  It’s not for lack of trying, you guys and gals are just getting really good at them.  Here’s another one.  Hopefully today will break the winning streak you’re on.

And yes, those are sutures.

Take a guess and read on to see if you’re right.

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