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I randomly send out sticker packs, limited-run and end-run shirts, and other surprises out to BME members and readers (with members being the priority, so if you want to increase your odds, submit pictures and so on. Anyway, if you’d like to be entered into the draw, just fill out the form below. If you don’t want to be in shirt draws, don’t choose a shirt size (so you’d just get stickers if you get randomly picked). If you’re a studio, be sure to fill out your studio name because I send different stuff to studios (and leave it blank if you’re not). Phone number is optional of course. BME sticker

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Privacy information: None of this information is stored (except temporarily for emailing) on a server, and none of it is shared or sold to anyone. It is used only for the purpose of sending people free stuff!

2 thoughts on “Free Stuff from BME!

  1. A while back you hooked me up with some of your stickers and flyers and and stuff, and i was just wondering if you could send me another batch of stickers and whatever else it is you guys have lying around. I have put up all the ones you sent me over the past few years and the word has spread! i now travel form my home in NJ to my school in St. Augustine florida, and i drive every time, meaning i stop all the time putting up stickers and stuff in the states the shore line has to offer! and I’d like to post more stickers up for you guys!
    Some of my work is posted on Facebook in these albums, as I’ve posted a lot of stuff recently for Slightly Stoopid the band, as well as many street artists. and your stickers may be as well-

    Thanks a lot, get back to me, love the stickers and spreading the word!


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