ModBlog News of the Week: August 19th, 2011

This week’s news post is going to be a short one.  It seems that there wasn’t a lot going on around the world this week, at least in terms of body modification.  That said, there are still a couple of stories for your reading enjoyment.

First up this week is Q&A with the author of Breastfeeding In Combat Boots, Robyn Roche-Paul.  This particular interview is target to women with nipple piercings who are worried about breastfeeding when they have children.

So if a woman wants a nipple piercing, should she worry that eventually she’ll want to breastfeed, and this’ll screw things up?

Robyn Roche-Paull: No. Chances are, she’ll be fine. Repeated piercings sometimes create scar tissue that can block milk ducts, but in general, a clean piercing by a reputable, professional piercer shouldn’t cause issues. Anecdotally, I have found that breastfeeding is not affected by established nipple piercings. However, some moms do find that they leak, copiously, due to the extra holes in the nipples … and some babies can find the extra flow difficult to manage. But nothing that isn’t manageable by breast pads and some positioning changes.

Will a nursing mother have to take the piercing out when she breastfeeds?

I would recommend that, yes. A baby could choke on a piece of jewelry if it comes apart. It can also cause mouth sores in the baby and harbor bacteria. The mom can take it out for each feeding, or just take it out for the duration of her breastfeeding. She can also use flexible Teflon jewelry while she’s breastfeeding.

The interview goes on to talk about when it’s a good time to get pierced if you’re planning a family.

There’s a few more stories to come, so just click the read more button to see the rest.

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Building on greatness

We’ve established in the past that Vincent Hocquet’s dotwork pieces are mind-bendingly awesome.  Today we’re going to look back on a piece that was first featured last August, and how far along it’s progressed since then.  So here’s how the sleeve started out.  A massive undertaking that blended geometry and flowers to create a beautiful image.

Then again, back in March, we saw this same sleeve, but the focus was on the latest addition, an all-seeing eye on the chest.  It also gave us a chance to see just how detailed the sleeve itself was.  What we thought was initially solid shapes turned out to be dotwork that was conforming to a perfect geometric shape.

Which brings us to today where the latest addition has taken the piece from his right shoulder, all the way across his chest.

Given how much blank skin there is on that lucky guy, I’d imagine we’re in for more from Vincent.  Be sure to check out more of his work in his BME portfolio gallery.

The Chaos Pattern

This is an open letter to Sonja from Punktum Tattoo.

Dearest Sonja, I don’t know what kind of deal you have made with the spirits of this world, but somehow they have graced you with the ability to see beyond the random.  You can make order out of chaos, defying every law of the natural world.  Your mad genius continually spawns works so breathtaking that whoever is lucky enough to have you grace their body with a tattoo must have to pay you with a piece of their soul.  You peer beyond the borders of this world, bringing us visions of beauty, and for that we thank you.

So many dots.