Suspension Glory

Following up on the amazing static rigging I posted earlier today, I want to show some more of the amazing work that’s going on in the suspension world — some just stunning technical suspensions have been done at recent SusCons around the world. I want to show you a couple of Lotus suspension variants first. I’m not sure what I should call this — perhaps a “patriotic suspension” because the pose is reminiscent of a WWII bomber art pinup, which I think fits nicely not just with suspensions but with tattoos because it’s a motif that is often seen there. This was done at Suspension MECCA 2012, and the photo is by Rolf Buchholz.


This next lotus variant is more difficult, and also beautifully executed, a double lotus with the bottom one inverted, as if it’s a suspeded reflecting pool or something. The left photo, of the rigging being done, is by Rolf, and the right photo is by Steve Joyner. You can also see the esteemed Havve Fjell (Wings of Desire) doing the rigging in the photo — it’s amazing watching the best minds in suspension get together to create these moments. Now what’s next? Rigging the guy on the bottom traditional lotus style as well, and tossing both of them in a building sized rotisserie? Why the hell not?


All that fawning commentary said, I wonder if there is a point where we throw up our hands in a mix of humor and despair and walk out of the room? I mean, can suspensions ever jump the shark? If the asstronaut suspension couldn’t do it (and gosh there’s some fun stuff in that link), how about what Andrii Panchenko calls an “ass duet”, which is just what he’s doing here with his friend, photographed about two years ago.


Well, after 20,000 years or so people hanging from hooks, I figure it’s going to take a lot more than this to knock it out of our genome. I mean look, hang a guy from just one hook, and even the strength of two big guys won’t tear him down it’s so awesome (photo by Rolf Buchholz, Suspension MECCA 2012). Never coming down, never!!!


Rolf’s 150th Suspension!

Speaking of “records” and “firsts”, I’ve got to congratulate Rolf (oft-mentioned here on ModBlog) again, who just did his 150th suspension, choosing the humorous asstronaut suspension, a style that I never-ever thought I’d see again after the first person jokingly did it… but then somehow it took off, no pun intended. This was done at Suspension MECCA 2012, where Rolf also did a lotus suspension.


Random Acts of Suspension

As the first person to ever successfully complete a facial suspension, Supa is always looking for a challenge when it comes to suspension.  At a recent Kaptive8 Suspension Krew event, Supa left it up to chance when it came time to suspend.  The number of hooks, hook placement, and orientation were all randomly drawn from a hat.  In the end it was 7 hooks, spread across his left knee, left thigh, right calf, right upper back, top of the ass crack, right butt cheek, and throat.  Positioning was set as his left side facing up.  So what does a random suspension look like?  This.

Turn the other cheek

1 point ass suspension.  I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

I love how The Sinner Team mounts a camera right to the rigging.

Update:  Here’s the video..

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Ass to Elbows

When they’re not jumping off of bridges The Sinner Team is hard at work putting together some incredible suspensions.  Take this Ass to Elbow to Lotus tandem suspension.  Ass suspensions on their own are pretty rare, but combine that with an elbow suspension (that’s being used as the tandem point!) and then a lotus, The Sinner Team has really outdone themselves with this one.

Blassting off

Alright, so I made a vow to never use a “In Soviet Russia” joke, and I still intend to keep that vow.  The only reason I’m mentioning it is because of this suspension.  From what I can recall up until a few months ago the only people who have been featured doing an ass suspension were men.  Since then Moscow’s Sinner Team has had a number of women suspending from their posteriors.  That all said, here’s yet another Sinner doing a single point asstronaut suspension.

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