Monday, Bloody Monday

So, in case you guys haven’t figured it out by now, Shannon’s back!  He’s pretty much doing his own thing now, posting when he feels like it, but I’m sure if you show him some love, you’ll see quite a few posts by him.  For the regular day-to-day ModBlog posts, you’ve still got me.  While Shannon has the freedom to pick and choose his topics from his extensive background, I’ll be focusing on what’s new and exciting in the BME galleries.  And what better way to kick off a week than with a post that gets put behind a break because of nudity, and also a warning that the pictures may be triggering for some people.

So if you’re curious as to just how bloody IAM:Nixiie is, and how she got that way, keep on reading…

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The Friday Follow-up

Can you believe the week is almost over?  With all the holidays it seems like this week went by really quickly.  Of course, with it being Friday, it’s time for another scarification follow-up.  This one is a DIY scar created by IAM: Zmashd.  Here’s what she had to say about the process:

1 day old on this picture. I did a triangle, as a symbol of support to the LGBT community. I did it on myself (properly. using a #10 scalpel) and I must say I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even though the location was tricky. :) It’s been healing well, so far.

And here’s how it’s looking now.

You know, for a first-time DIY scar, it’s looking pretty good.  If you’re wondering where the blood is coming from, take a look at the next photo.

You can see more of the scar, as well as the needle play that led to the bleeding over in the blood play gallery.

It’s about bloody time!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had some blood play here on ModBlog.  Especially when there’s a naked girl involved.  However, bloodplay can be considered a triggering activity, so here’s your warning.  Also, because there is a naked girl involved, you’ll have to keep reading past the foot prints to see who it is.

Note: There is no cutting involved, just play piercing and blood.

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Guess what comes next

Alright, I was going to make this a normal Guess What? post, but seeing as how it’s painfully (ha!) obvious what the picture is of I thought I’d show something I don’t normally include in a hard post.  You see, most of the time a photo like this appears on ModBlog all you’ll get is that one image.  BME Hard subscribers get to see everything from start to finish, but everyone else is left wondering “well what happens when it’s done?”  Well, today, you get to find out.  So first up is the filtered SFWish photo of a nailing session from Sadistica’s hard bonus gallery.  For those that don’t know all BME Hard subscribers are welcome to publish their photos in a special bonus gallery, which is included with the subscription.

I haven’t taken the time to count, but according to the description there are a total of 150 nails in there.  To see all 150 nails, and what happens when they’re removed, keep on reading.

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Oh Brad

I’ll admit it, Lucass is one of my favorite image submitters.  The reason:  he’s always up for doing something fun with his mods.  I asked him a while back to send in pictures from his trip to Europe, and got this photo of the Eiffel tower in response.  Recently his friend Brad had a birthday, and this is what Lucass did for him that day.

Now that’s a dedicated friend.

The Blood is Life

There’s been a serious lack of blood on ModBlog in the past weeks, so with the help of Nixiie, we’re going to correct that today.

Nixiie lists Matteo Wanderlust as the artist, however I don’t know if that means he’s the piercer or the photographer (or both).  These are just two of the many photos she sent into the the hard play piercing gallery, so if you want to see the rest of them, head on over.

Nixiie is also wearing a BME belt buckle which she got from the BMEShop (that particular one is currently sold out).