In memoriam.

The following photo was sent in by Eric who did this branding on his knee as a tribute to Shannon, taking the calm logo and incorporating Shannon’s facial tattoos onto it. bme

If you have a BME tattoo (or scar) or plan on getting one please submit photos, videos if you have them, a write up of your experience either through your account or via email to [email protected].

Dr. BME tattoo on a “Dr. BME”

Loran Shumway, piercer and body modification artist at Eclectic Body Art in Olean, NY got a tattoo of one of the many variations on the classic Dr. BME logo on his nape, done this past Monday by Robbie Mills of Something Beautiful in Jamestown, NY. I asked him why this particular version and he explained that he bumped into this one while searching for the original artwork*. Since as a practitioner he enjoys doing lots of implants, “I figured the one with more implants was a better fit for me!” After the picture of his new tattoo is a recent implant he performed, a silicone infinity symbol (from Steve Haworth’s collection), both fresh and a week into the healing.



* Note to other searchers, you can find most of the basic logos by looking up “BME Logo” in the BME wiki, although there are many variations missing… The page is desperately out of date.

BME Pubic Piece Update

I’ve posted on Mateo’s BME logo pubic scar previously, which has been getting augmented with a growing and glowing aura of dotwork ink geometry by Jodi Lyford of Chimera ( in Santa Cruz. She’s recently done more work on it, and it’s absolutely stunning. And the best thing about it is that it has an extremely realistic beard! But seriously, along with Keff’s dotwork BME logo sleeve and Joeltron’s BME logo backpiece, Matteo’s easily earns a place in my shortlist of best BME-themed body art.

mateo1t mateo2t mateo3t

On a barely related note, speaking of Mateo, that reminds me I’ve been meaning to post a picture of the great nostril jewelry that Pauly Unstoppable was wearing in his latest pictures (the connection is that Mateo has done many of Pauly’s piercings). It almost looks like the coils that the Kayan people wear around their necks, and to my surprise is a look that I rarely see even though it’s quite beautiful.


BME logo vs. Jodi Lyford

I love the way Mateo (a regular here on ModBlog) is integrating his BME logo with the new geometric work being done by Jodi Lyford of Chimera Tattoo Studio & Gallery ( in Santa Cruz. This is just the very start of the session and the very beginning of what I’m sure will be a great addition to Mateo’s already impressive collection of body art.


It’s the little things

Nexizydrate is a big fan of Shannon Leto and Antoine Becks.  For those unfamiliar with the duo, Antoine Becks is a DJ with the band CB7 and Shannon Leto is the drummer from 30 seconds to mars and brother of Jared Leto.  Together the pair perform together at clubs and concerts worldwide and this is their logo.

If you didn’t know who the duo was, you could still look at this as a neat little minimalistic piece.  It was tattooed by Adi Earl from Earl’s Tattoo Studio, located in Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK.

Oh, and speaking of Nexizydrate, I can never pass up an opportunity to post such a gorgeous lady.

Photo by Peter Whitney.

Logos and Guns

They say that the family that cuts together stays together, which seems somewhat fitting for Starr and Brian.  Working out of his NYC studio PURE Body Arts, the couple did this collaboration piece of a BME Logo and pair of AK-47s.

If I recall correctly, Brian did the logo, while Starr did the guns.

While we’re on the subject of BME, the BME NYE party is happening again this year.  Located right by King’s Dominion in Virginia (outside Richmond), BME HQ is going to be the venue for the festivities.  You’re welcome to camp on the property, but the hotel is only a couple of minutes away.  We’ll have basic food and drinks, but you’re more than welcome to bring extra.  Once we get confirmation, we should be able to say with certainty that there will be suspensions on site.  So, if you’re up for a great time this New Year’s, head on down to BME HQ!

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Rub his head for good luck

We’ve seen half of Joeltron‘s head before when we took a look at his Tron recognizer tattoo.  Today we’ve got a look at the back of his head where Tominator added a good luck kitty using the BME Smile Cat logo.  That kitty may look tough, but when your tank exhaust has little red hearts coming out of it, the tough level goes down and the cute level goes up.