I’ll take mine fully subincised please.

I like my penises cut in two.

Dearest ModBlog,

I’ve missed you. I know I never write but I can’t help it. The shop keeps me running all day printing shirts, mailing out things for people to decorate their weenies with and all sorts of goodies to make BME’rs smile. I know Jordan and Roo take good care of you but I wanted to let you know I think about you every single day. I’ve got a couple other great BME/Hard inspired shirts coming soon, not to mention all the heavily discounted final run shirts. Who wouldn’t love BME shirts for 9.99? What would make you happier? A discount code on orders good until December 24th? I’ll see what I can do. Till next time, take care.

Love Always,


This Week in BME

You know, back in my day, when someone passed out drunk, you would just draw on their face or, worst case, administer a minor teabagging. This? This just seeems excessive. Oh, the youth of today.

(Black light ink tattoos by Jimmy Griswold on the bottom of his sister’s foot at Muskegon Ink in Muskegon, Michigan.)

Well, it’s been a fun week. If you’ll recall:

  • Everybody loves lesbian vampires.
  • Redheads have more fun, even in black and white.
  • Crude belly tattoos? Divisive!
  • Canvas LA’s Visionaries II show looked like a good time.
  • Cancer can go right to hell.
  • And something else happened, I just can’t remember … OH right, BME shop reopened! The annual holiday gift-giving season is around the corner, folks — just the way Jesus intended. You know what to do.

    Get Ready For Awesome

    Are you the sort of person who might be interested in an online body modification store packed with tons of T-shirts (with new designs coming regularly), beautiful high-quality jewelry, books and DVDs and industry-favorite aftercare products? Well hot holy damn, you’re in luck! At long last, BME shop has made its triumphant return to the Internets! Months of careful planning, precise purchasing and about an average amount of witchcraft have gotten us here, and we could not be happier. Click the image above to go directly to our Final Run T-shirt designs (which are on sale!), or click on that handsome unicorn below to visit the all-new shop.BMEzine.com!