Three years in the works

By the time you’re reading this, IAM will have probably been taken down for the upgrade.  As many of you know, this upgrade has been a long time coming, three years in fact.  So to celebrate, the BME Shop is having a SALE! We’re giving you 10% off for every year the new IAM has been in development, that means you’re going to get 30% OFF EVERYTHING (except DVDs).  To get the discount, all you have to do is put in the code: 3years when you check out.  The discount will be automatically applied.  The sale is going to last until Friday the 19th.

We’ve also had some requests, so first class shipping has been added to the US shipping options.  However, priority shipping is only 5-15 dollars and it gets there in 3 days or less and it can be tracked.  First class shipping can’t be tracked, nor can any insurance be placed on it, so if you need something quick, priority is probably your best bet, but first class is available.  Express mail is also now available to US customers.  Here’s the current rundown of shipping options:

Domestic (USA):

First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail.


Priority Mail and Express Mail.

I’ve also been testing out the new IAM, so over the week I’ll be updating you with what you can expect when IAM comes back online.

So remember, this week only you get 30% off at the BMEshop by using the code: 3years

Sale ends Friday August 19th, 2011.  Sale applies to all items except DVDs.

It’s finally here!!

Dear IAM family,

The time has finally come. After 3 very long years, several false starts, thousands of man hours, dozens of people (most of whom aren’t the same people from the start), 3,714 emails between the developers, Mike, Jen and myself, hundreds of pages of designs, hundreds of thousands of lines of code, thousands of revisions and unfortunately my entire life savings! :)

We’ve been tweaking things left and right on the private beta to clean up as much as we can and have it 100% perfect with every feature ready to go but that’s the entire reason it’s called a beta! We need to have our community actively using it so that we can move forward with fresh eyes. As the community uses the beta, more and more features will be added, we had to draw the line some where and get everyone using it so that we could make all the other adjustments that we need to make with the system under heavy load.

I’m sending out this broadcast to all of IAM in order to let everyone know that we’re about to release the new version of In order to make sure that we have the most up to date copy of the data, we’re going to have to turn IAM off for a couple of days prior to launching the new site. IAM will be offline starting Monday the 8th. It should be back online on Thursday the 11th.

We have spent the last several years going over and over the data, the old site and the new site to make sure that we are always advancing and giving you more than IAM & BME have ever been able to offer in the past.

With the initial launch, some features that you’re used to using may not be available initially, but please don’t worry! The site will continually be upgraded to keep BME/IAM in line with the rest of the internet. As I said before, we have to draw the line at some point with a feature set and get the community running on the new software in order to keep adding all of the features that we want IAM to have.

Please keep in mind that this is the first upgrade that IAM has received in well over a decade! I look forward to it and I appreciate your patience and understanding while we work out the kinks that arise with any upgrade!

While your journal entries, forums, messages and photos will all be imported, please take a moment to use the following tools to make a back up of your data. The “Diary Download” tool will make a file that contains your diary entries, their titles and the dates they were posted, including the HTML you may have included in the post. The “Photo Download” tool will make a zip file containing every image that you have ever uploaded to IAM (including those that you have removed access to from your page). Please allow some time for the tools to process and the downloads to complete. Some members have very large photo back up files and they will take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection.

Diary Download Link:

Photo Download Link:

While the over all “look and feel” of IAM will be changing, most of the way that IAM works will remain the same. We’ve even gone to great lengths to keep the IAM related MACRO tags working. All of the functions and features of IAM will still work and function the same way. The biggest “change” is that all of the various settings that you need to select to select things and make your IAM account function a certain way will have been moved to one “settings” page so that you don’t need to dig in various settings pages in order to find/change them. Our main goal was to make IAM easier to use. That was the main focus of the redesign.

The following MACROS WILL NOT be able to be imported to the new IAM. The reason that is is because those MACROS have been replaced with other MACROS or they have been built INTO other functions that operate a different way. Please remember that these features will be available but with things like your IAM page’s custom theme, you will have to recreate it on the new system.

  • 1.In forums, the following functions will no longer be implemented: **NOINDEX**, **BOTTOMINDEX**, **INDEX**, **RTL** **TRANSCRIPT**
  • 2.In diary entries: **NOBME** – This will no longer be necessary as your media will all be available in the “media” section of your profile. You decide what you want to share with IAM members, with BME or keep private.
  • 3.In diary entries: – This function is not being imported. You can set your page to either “IAM Only” (this is the default) or to allow anyone.
  • 4.Custom themes. These will not be imported. The new IAM uses a WYSIWYG editor and you will be able to easily customize your page using the new editor. If you want to save your current settings so you can refer back to them after the move, we encourage you to view your custom edit page and take a screen shot or copy the data in some way as once the move is made you will no longer be able to access that information.

If you have any questions, please EMAIL [email protected]. Jen, Mike and I will be very busy during the upgrade process so we will not be able to answer individual messages sent via IAM during this time but you will definitely be able to get a reply from Jen if you email [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of BME. You are what makes BME possible and the place that it has grown to be today!


p.s. Everyone’s IAM page is active as I just made sure to add time to all the accounts on IAM so if your friends haven’t logged in because they said their accounts have been expired.  So tell all your friends that their IAM account is active so they can come check out all the new features, as well as back up any of their data.

Hanging out at BMEFest 2011

We’re starting to get pictures from BMEFest 2011 sent into the galleries, and this first one comes from Tobias and it features his very first suspension.  Cere from ROP facilitated the suspension, but he wasn’t alone in helping Tobias get off the ground.  With the support of everyone around, especially that of the photographer, Miss McShady, Tobias managed to get in the air and had an incredible experience.  This photo below sums up not only his suspension, but also the general vibe of the weekend.  Good friends enjoying the company of others, and having a lot of fun.

Oh, and in case you’ve never been to a BME event before, this close-up should give you an idea of just what kind of fun was had.

Yes, that is a double ended dildo.

Keep an eye out for more photos from the party!

BMEFest 2011 – All you need to know!

So the weekend is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “self, what am I going to need to bring to BMEFest 2011?”  Well think no more as this post should hopefully answer all your questions!

First thing’s first.  The party is from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Now seeing as how it’s taking place in Virginia, just North East of Richmond, it’s going to be HOT.  That means you’ll need to bring:


We’ll probably be spending most of the weekend either in the pool or on a slip’n'slide, so make sure you come prepared.  To help people cool off, we’ll have a Sno-Cone machine handy!

Now, because there is a lot of space available for camping, we’re expecting quite a few people to pitch some tents.  Obviously if you’re camping you’ll need to bring your own toiletries.  The plan is to get an outdoor shower set up, so you can keep yourself clean.

We all have to eat, and Rachel is going to be picking up the basics, burgers (beef, veg, and chicken), eggs and bacon (real and fake), salads (greens, pasta, and potato) and some veggies (corn on the cob, etc).  Drinks will also be there, but again, it’ll be limited to soda and water.  For the bonfire we’ll have smores!  If you’re 21+ you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol, but no sharing with the minors! Now this probably won’t be enough to feed everyone, so if you have suggestions on food that we should pick up, let us know now!  You’re also more than welcome to bring extra food along to share.  For the vegans, we’ll have separate grills, but we also need some suggestions on vegan friendly BBQ foods.

For those of you who are attached to electricity for some odd reason, power will be available for those camping.  There is also very limited internet available, but it has a daily cap on bandwidth, so only use it for emergencies.  Besides, we’re all going to be there, so there’s no need to check IAM for messages.

Weather wise, Virginia is hot and humid.  It’s also a little unpredictable.  Rachel was telling me earlier in the week that one afternoon it was 95 and humid one minute, then pouring rain the next.  So again, be prepared for anything!

The actual address will be sent out later in the week to all those who have RSVP’d on the event page.  If you’ve had a problem signing up, it will also be posted on the event page on Friday.  For those trying to sign up but are having problems, newer browsers aren’t liking the old IAM code, however, Internet Explorer and Safari do seem to be working.

I’ll be keeping this post near the top of ModBlog for the rest of the week, so feel free to use the comment section as a way to post questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to use the event forum as well.  There are a few people offering rides and others in need of rides for the weekend.

Don’t wait!  Sign up for BMEFest 2011 right now!!

Come hang with us!

4 days to go before BMEFest 2011!  I think everyone knows by now how much I’m looking forward to the bouncy castles, obstacle course and slip’n'slide (3 lanes!), yet there is so much more going on.  The party begins on Saturday, but if you show up Friday night, that’s alright as well.  There is a LOT of room for tents, while there are hotels a short distance away, sleeping in a tent will probably save you some money.  Of course there will be a big bonfire, and no I won’t be jumping into this time.  I singed enough of my beard off last time for me to even think about doing it again.

Now, one of the many awesome things happening over the weekend is we have Cere from ROP facilitating both suspensions and pulls.  Along with Cere, some of the other practitioners include ChrisB, TrickyDick, and Brian, as well as many others who work alongside these guys.  Now if you’re thinking about suspending, feel free to get in touch with Cere ahead of time.  He will be bringing extra supplies to facilitate pulls and suspensions for those who don’t get in touch with him, but letting him know ahead of time lets him estimate a bit better.  Now supplies do cost these guys, so they’ll be asking for a minimum donation of $150 for suspensions, and 60 for pulls.  One of the main tenants of the suspension community is that they’re there to facilitate, not make money.  So any donation given covers the cost of the supplies, and anything in excess goes towards purchasing new equipment.

With that all said, here’s a shot taken by Jen on New Year’s Day at the last BME BBQ.  Suspending is IAM:Velo, who is the guy with the massive burning monk scar.

For more information regarding BMEFest, head on over to the sign up page and let us know you’re coming.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the event forum.

Countdown to BMEFest 2011

It’s almost upon us!  This Saturday marks the beginning of the return of BMEFest.  From Saturday afternoon until Monday evening, BMEHQ is going to be transformed into BMEPARTYHQ.  I got word last night that one of the slip’n'slides is 3 lanes wide, and that the bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses are getting prepped.  The pool is opened and ready for swimming and the campsite area has been cleared out.  For those not camping, there are hotels a short drive away near King’s Dominion in Virginia.

Of course, what’s a BMEFest without suspensions.  Thanks to Cere that’s going to be happening as well!

There’s so much more planned, so clear up your weekend plans and sign up now!  For those looking to car pool, the event forum has a few people offering rides (myself included), so get in touch with them.

Now if you can only make it down for one day, then make Sunday that day, as it’ll be the day that most of the events take place.

Sign up now!

The world needs more bouncy castles

Seriously.  Life would be so much better if every day we could spend 15 minutes bouncing around in one.  Ball pits are an acceptable alternative, but there’s something to be said for bouncing around like an idiot in a castle.  If you support the bouncy castle initiative, then you should be attending BMEFest 2011.  Oh sure, there’s a pool, some goats, baby ducks, slip’n'slides, bonfires, bbq, suspensions, campsites and more, but what matters most is the bouncy castles.  Alright, so spending a weekend in Virginia with some awesome people is probably a better reason to come down.  So get yourself over to the event page, sign up (if you have a problem signing up, try a different browser), and I’ll be seeing you next weekend (July 2nd-4th)!

BME logo scar by MaRTWy.

Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Think about it.  It’s the weekend of July 2nd.  A day after Canada and 2 days before the 4th of July.  You’re sitting next to the pool with a drink in your hand and friends all around you.  To your right, a couple of people are suspending from a tree.  Behind them, a pack of tattooed and pierced adults are acting like the biggest kids ever as they bounce around inside a bouncy castle.  Over by the house a couple of goats are trying to steal some of the burger buns while a big bearded guy is cooking on the BBQ.

Sounds good right?  Well to make it happen all you have to do is turn up for BMEFest 2011!!  Just outside of Richmond, VA, BME-HQ is opening up its doors to everyone for the whole weekend!  July 2nd-4th will be filled with craziness the likes we haven’t seen since the last BMEFest a few years ago.  It’s the perfect time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.  Here’s just a couple of the highlights of the weekend:

  • Lots of room for tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Bonfire (That I will NOT be jumping in this time)
  • Food will be provided, but only the basics like burgers, veggies, and chicken.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it.  Oh, and if you’re over 21, bring the booze (just don’t drive afterwards)
  • Suspensions/Pullings – Cere from ROP will be facilitating suspensions, along with other practitioners who will be in attendance.
  • And last but not least… BOUNCY CASTLES!!!  SLIP’N’SLIDES!!! AND MORE!!!

The rest of the details can be found on the event page.  BMEtv will also be filming that weekend, so if you’re up for sitting down with the crew, just let us know through the event forum.

So don’t wait, go to the event page and sign up today!  (Note: People have been reporting problems signing up with newer versions of browsers.  Safari and IE are both known to work if you encounter any problems.)

Team BME tattoo by Nill from Rangel Tattoo in Salvador, Brazil.  Sent in by Mportnoi

Summer BMEFest 2011!

Got plans for July 2nd-4th?  Nope?  Well you do now!  It’s BMEFest and it’s back with a vengeance.  The boss lady is opening her doors and inviting everyone to come on down for the weekend.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lots of room for tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Bonfire (That I will NOT be jumping in this time)
  • Food will be provided, but only the basics like burgers, veggies, and chicken.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it.  Oh, and if you’re over 21, bring the booze (just don’t drive afterwards)
  • Suspensions/Pullings – The space is there, just need some practitioners to sign on and bring equipment.
  • And last but not least… BOUNCY CASTLES!!!  SLIP’N’SLIDES!!! AND MORE!!!

BMEtv will also be set up interviewing people, so if you’re interested, just let Rachel know in the event forum.

This is a chance to get to see some friends you may not have seen in a while, as well as a chance to make new ones.  If there’s one thing that’s consistent with every BME event, is that after a few minutes, everyone is like family.  Well, the kind of family that you party your face off for a weekend with.

What are you waiting for, sign up for the event right here.  (NOTE: Newer versions of browsers tend to have problems with the signup page.  People have found Safari and IE to work when their browser doesn’t.)

Oh, and those BME Logo tattoos?  They belong to IAM: Klages.

BMEFest is Back!!!

You read that right!  This summer marks the return of the infamous BMEFest, and you’re all invited!  The event page has all the little details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Lots of room for tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Bonfire (That I will NOT be jumping in this time)
  • Food will be provided, but only the basics like burgers, veggies, and chicken.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it.  Oh, and if you’re over 21, bring the booze (just don’t drive afterwards)
  • Suspensions/Pullings – The space is there, just need some practitioners to sign on and bring equipment.
  • And last but not least… BOUNCY CASTLES!!!  SLIP’N'SLIDES!!! AND MORE!!!

BMEtv will also be set up interviewing people, so if you’re interested, just let Rachel know in the event forum.

BMEFest is going to be a big family reunion, a time to get caught up with some old friends, and a place to make new ones.  The party starts on Saturday July 2nd, and goes until Monday night.

And because this is a family reunion, here’s a tattoo celebrating family by Sagie from Walk the Line Tattoo Parlour in Sweden.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the event page and RSVP today!