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Remember Taryn? Thanks to all of you, she’s currently in the number one spot, but the competition isn’t over yet. She needs to be in the top 3 by February 28th to be one of the finalists. Through your efforts, she could win the opportunity to volunteer, through ONEXONE. Show your support for Taryn and for this wonderful cause.


To vote go to: votetaryn
You can also show your support on Facebook, by joining her group –

And don’t forget folks, the World Tour Internship Contest closes on Saturday (we all know what Saturday is, my birthday). Get your applications in and don’t forget to include a link to your audition video! I’ve seen all of the applications so far and now I know how it feels to be a judge on a reality show. If only we could take everyone who applies!

Also, whether you’re applying or not, you can help us out! If you’re from Europe/Asia/Australia/Africa, we would really appreciate it if you could list your country, the cities in that country that you think we should visit as well as the names (url, location, etc) of the best shops in town! Help us locate the best places near you! Maybe we’ll even get to see you there! (Well I won’t since I’ll be managing the tour from my igloo in the frozen wasteland that is the east coast of Canada, but the rest of the group will!) You can post below or, feel free to email us at

Paint me a picture

What’s that you say? I can have my portrait painted and help BME at the same time? Tell me more! That’s right readers, our very Tristan, who you may remember from such posts as this one, has sent us the following:

A portrait of Robin Henry-Wilson
11 x 14
oil on board

I finished this painting in under 20 hours; record shattering speed for me. I’ve never painted someone while they were around to watch the progress or even stand over my shoulder. It was surreal. I loved watching the look on her face as she’d run by and point, “that’s me!”

I’m donating my time to help the BME Legal Defense Fund. For $200 + s/h, I’ll paint a 9″ x 12″ portrait from a photo. 100% of that $200 goes to the BME Legal Defense Fund and you keep the original painting.

I understand money is tight right now for everyone so this is a test. I’m doing one painting on a first come first serve basis. After that painting is complete, If others would like to participate I’ll paint more. If you have any questions please email me at thewhiteleaf at gmail dot com.

You can see more of Tristan’s stunning work at his website. IAM members can contact him directly through his IAM page. Non-IAM members can use the email listed above or through his website.

Don’t forget, BME’s Internship 2.0 applications need to be in by Saturday (my birthday, you know)! Keep those applications coming.

It’s time for a contest!


BME Internship 2.0

It’s been almost 5 years since BME last had interns. I’ve decided that I’d like to do something similar to the internship contest that we had. You can read more about it here. This is a much shorter version of the intern ship and instead of relocating to beautiful La Paz, Mexico, we’ll be traveling around the world.

I’m currently planning a worldwide BME tour. This will probably mean being on the road for 2-3 months. My goal is to start the tour in time to be home for the middle of June. This means we’d be hitting the road in the beginning of April. I have approximately 6 weeks to plan the trip, get sponsors, figure out the winners and then buy everyone’s tickets and book accommodations. I will also be booking the interviews that we will have scheduled. We will have at least one day off each week. This trip is all business though so if you want to do it, be prepared to take photos, talk to people and video tape interviews while we work our way around the world.

The goal of the tour is to interview as many individuals from as many different cultures and locations as possible. In each city that we stop in, I want to interview at least 5 shops and collect copies of their portfolios to add to BME. In addition to interviewing Tattoo Artists, Piercers and Body Modification Artists, I want to talk to and photograph clients as well as random people that we meet on the streets. I want to see the sites that the various places we go to have to offer (yes this means playing tourist!) as well as compile video interviews along the way.  I’d like to bring 4 people besides myself. That means our group will consist of 5 people total. We can get away with 4, including me but we may go to 6 if I can’t make a decision between a couple great candidates.

Depending how the planning process goes, the trip may end up getting split into continents, obviously it’s always fun to think big but to make it so this really happens, we may need to scale it back and make it more affordable in terms of money, time and logistics. While I’m working on the contest and putting together the team, I’ll also be working on getting sponsorships as that will help make the tour that much more viable. I may also end up having a couple openings on the trip for multiple people to fill the various roles due to the length of the trip. I feel though that you should be able to commit at least two weeks. If you can only come out for a week, it’s not enough time to get into the groove with the rest of us. I will, however, make exceptions so please send in your audition and let me know that you’re the exception that I should make!

Click through for more information!
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Friday News Report

In what should be the new Friday tradition, I bring you body modification news!

The APP and Penthouse, together at last!

Check your local newsstand for the December issue of Penthouse magazine. Elayne Angel has a three-page spread of material from The Piercing Bible—with information from the APP. This article features advice on how to go about getting pierced cleanly and safely, in addition to discussing some of the more sexual aspects of body piercing (of course). The text is accompanied by photographs from Sean Hartgrove—the APP’s Conference photographer.

So run out and buy a copy of December’s issue of Penthouse. Just tell the news seller you really are reading it for the articles…

More news…

In Lakewood, Ohio, an eatery offers discounts for tattooed.

Tattooed ladies tell their tales in ‘A History’ – A book review from The Trib.

Tattoo parlour evolves into art studio. – I don’t know if I’d call that evolution. Since when are tattoos not art?

Donate to Toys for Tots and get free tattoo removal in Houston. – When kindness and lasers collide!

Do or Dye – The only salon that cuts and tats. Located in Florida. I remember a salon that did the same in Toronto a few years ago. I’m not sure this place is the “only” salon that *ahem* “cuts and tats”.

Cracking the gang code inside Santa Rita Jail, tattoo by tattoo. – “Deputy Mark Schlegel’s job is more like something out of a Dan Brown novel.”

Out of Canyon Lake, a gentler side of tattoos as a lasting testimony to love and family.

Body Mod News

Here are a few body modification related news stories that caught my eye.

No tattoo parlour deal for Old Town.

Geno Cassillo, owner of the nearby Brick House Restaurant, cited recent fights and a drug bust in Old Town, and said a tattoo parlor would bring similar activity.” – Am I the only one thinking “Sin City” right now?  Of course a tattoo parlour would mean more drugs and more fighting, right?  Right…

Rock Bridge senior Logan Parks’ tattoo is more than just ink.

“I’ll see that tattoo in the mirror, and it gets me through every game.” – More than just basketball, this family develops a tradition through ink.

Blackwood 79-year-old takes tattoo plunge.

You’re never too old for a new tattoo!

USF basketball players have tales told in ink.

‘This generation coming up, as time goes on, you can see the tattoos have meaning to them — you have a death in the family, a birth of a child, references to God and faith.” – College basketball and ink collide.

These Design-y Branding Irons Are Begging For a Hipster Following

“If you think about all the weird things hardcore hipsters do to their bodies already—DIY tattoos, safety pin piercings—branding doesn’t seem too far-fetched.” – Oh irony…  Someone hasn’t heard of a little site called BME.

Mind The Gap

Hoo boy that’s grisly, but fitting for this, the Halloween season, no? Shane checks in from scenic Columbus, Georgia, to show off this new Columbia Necktie tattoo by Matthew Wertjes at Superior Skin Art. The tongue is a nice touch, too—the tongue in the tattoo, that is, not the split tongue, although we’re sure that has a nice touch too…ladies.

More angles after the jump, including a painful-looking procedural shot.

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True Relaxation

It’s not uncommon to see works of fine art adapted into tattoos—sometimes with varying degrees of success. This, however, is one of the first attempts we’ve seen at a scarification adaptation—based on a Klimt piece—and, honestly, we’re thrilled with what Christiane (at Pinpoint Piercing in Oslo, Norway) has done here. Excellent choice of a painting to adapt to the medium and wonderfully executed—lovely, lovely work.

See more in Misc. Cuttings (Scarification)

The Final Mystery

As is the case sometimes, these photos were submitted without a name, but, as is also the case sometimes, they were just too good to sit on until claimed. Because really, what better way to kick off your lunch hour than with this handsome (albeit anonymous) devil? Zero-gauge nostrils, 7/16-inch flats and 2.5-inch lobes, all looking healthy as can be, all attached to this virile young specimen? If that isn’t a Halloween miracle, we don’t know what is. More after the jump.

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