Piercers looking for their 15 minutes….

If you are a piercer, or a piercing enthusiast and have wondered how to get your photos published, well here is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

We, Sean Dowdell (of  Club Tattoo) and Matthew Martyr, are putting together a coffee table book. We are looking for piercers who are interested in taking part in this project, as the ultimage goal is for this to be a community collaboration.

It will be a photograph-heavy book on beauty in body piercing. The photo content will range from elaborate corsets, to simple nostril piercings.

If you are interested (or know someone who may be interested), please send an email to [email protected] for more information!

Matthew Martyr and Sean Dowdell


Elayne Angel Podcast and Book Review

Elayne Angel admits she’s more conservative about piercing than many others, and as far as her new book, The Piercing Bible, is concerned, that probably works to her advantage. Over five years in the making, the book is billed as “the definitive guide to safe body piercing,” which ostensibly seems like a dicey proposition; there could be some (understandable) apprehension to an actual guide to piercing for public consumption. Angel cuts this off at the head, though, in an early section in which she states that “piercing (is) not a do-it-yourself hobby,” and that this is not meant to be a handbook for hacks or people who think they can blow off an apprenticeship. On piercing kits sold in some shops, for example, she writes, “These are no safer than a home root canal kit and must be avoided.”

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Pew Pew Pew

Hey, that’s a pretty good self-portrait, HEHNGHH? Oh wait, never mind, Tomasz fills us in:

The Shrike is designed by Artur Szolc, on the basis of excerpts from the book Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. It’s not based on any other drawings of the creature, and it’s supposed to be as accurate as possible. The head is only the first part of the tattoo. The upper body of the Shrike will cover my whole arm, and Shrike’s four arms will encircle my arm and go all the way up to the shoulder and down the elbow. Its blades shall seem to pierce the skin. Possibly, a thorn-tree background will be added as well to complete a half-sleeve.

Thanks, Tomasz! A closer shot of the tattoo, after the jump.

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