Boobs are squishy

This scar by Brian is just flat out incredible.  His technique, as always, is pretty much perfect.  However, given the nature of the area being cut, it’s an even greater accomplishment.  This is what Brian had to say about it.

If anyone wonders, cutting boobs is tough. Very squishy and no resistance.

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The Friday Follow-up

Did you know that last week was the 70th post titled “The Friday Follow-up”.  Now I know there’s been a couple of weeks that I missed it, and a few where the title was different, so I’d say we’re right around the 75 mark.  Which is a pretty big milestone when you consider that the only way this weekly feature has stayed strong is through the contributions of both scarification artists, and the people who love their scars.  So with the submit by e-mail function up and running again, start uploading those scarification photos, both fresh and healed, so we can keep thing going for another 75 weeks.

This week we’re looking at a scar by the artist who has probably been featured the most in the weekly follow-ups, Brian Decker.  This particular scar we first saw back in December, with IAM:Theycallmeanna the proud recipient.

And here’s how it looks today.

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The Friday Follow-up

It’s been 3 months since we first saw this scar by Brian Decker.  Since then the scar is raising up nicely and the colouration is leaning towards a darker scar.  Of course over the next year or so things could change drastically, but I think it’s safe to assume this one will definitely stay raised.

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The Friday Follow-up

Today we’ve got a follow-up of a follow-up thanks to Mr. Brian Decker.  We first saw this lobster exactly one year ago in this post.

Four months later we got our first look at the healing scar.

And now, one year later, here’s how it looks today.

You can see how the redness is pretty much all gone, and while it’s hard to know how different the colouration is from his normal skin tone, it stands out really well against the blackwork.  Be sure to check out Brian’s BME Portfolio Gallery for more images of his scarification work.

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Honour and Pride

This is what happens when you let Brian Decker take a scalpel to skin with heavy blackwork.

Here’s what Brian has to say about the pieces.

To clarify, these pieces were a bit of an experiment with scarification over tattooing in two sessions. The “MY” on both sides was lined and filled with the ESU. The “PRIDE” and “HONOR” were lined with a scalpel and filled with a hyfrecator. You can see the hyfrecator work will need a touch-up session, and yielded no raised effect. The ESU removed the tattoo fully in one shot and keloided upward.