Casting Call

BME received a casting call, if you’re interested, information and contact info is below:

MTV Networks and the award-winning producers and journalists at Barcroft Productions are now casting for a new, documentary series. This fascinating series will explore the lives of unique families across America.

We are very interested in speaking to outgoing and opinionated families from the body modification/suspension community, who can accurately represent what it means to be a part of this community and can help to dispel any misconceptions about the lifestyle. We would love to talk to anyone who believes they have a story to tell.

If this sounds like you and your family’s life, we want to hear from you!

Please email us ASAP at: [email protected]

Make sure to include your name, location, contact information, photo and a brief paragraph about you, your family and share details about your lifestyle.

Casting Call: UK

Hello BME Community,
A popular UK primetime TV series is looking for modified people to take part. The series is about body modification desire and regret and looks at the multitude of ways we choose to alter our appearance.
This year we’re really keen to explore and celebrate some of the less well known body modifications by featuring people who are passionate about body modification and have chosen to change the way they look in exciting or striking ways. If you are UK based and planning on getting or seriously considering any of the following body mods:
· Subdermal Implants
· Tongue Split
· Tongue Tattoo
· Scleral Tattoo
· Scarification
And any other body modifications please email: [email protected] or send a private message to me on BME to BS_15.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Call for actors

I was sent this request looking for people to appear in a music video. As we always do, I’m posting this request here for anyone who might be interested in taking part.

Good morning,

My name is Jonathan Cozzo, I’m working for a music video production company called Prettybird and we are currently organizing the making of a music video for a major American singer. We are actually looking for people with African scarifications or scars (from wounds for instance) and people with tattoos (of words or sentences) to appear as actors in that video and I was hoping you could help me on this subject.

To give you more details, we’d like several dark-skinned persons with either scarifications on their body and/or face or tattoos (words or complete sentences) to participate in a video shoot next week, on Thursday the 9th. Their participation will of course be paid and expanses covered.

Thank you for your time and help,

Casting Call!!

Alright NYC ModBloggers, we’ve got a casting call for anyone with heavy modifications.

Law & Order SVU is looking to feature people with extreme body modifications for the upcoming episode “Strange Beauty.” Specifically, we are looking for people with large sub dermal implants, pointed ears, filed teeth, and other alterations and amputations, extreme piercings, and scarification. This is a paid gig in the NYC area, most likely near Coney Island, and will include a brief on-camera feature, no speaking, and no experience necessary. Depending upon the scene and your involvement, rates will vary starting at the regular SAG (Screen Actors Guild) background rate of $142.00 for 8 hours with overtime after 8 hours. The tentative work date is Friday, April 27th. All inquiries about rates and specifics welcome.

Please email photos and contact info to Dominic at [email protected]

He mentioned to me that they might be considering suspensions, so NYC suspension teams, drop them a line as well.

Casting Call!

I get these e-mails from time to time, and while this one is looking for a pretty specific group of people, it’s safe to say that it can apply to some ModBlog readers.


UP TO $1000 compensation for lost wages and location fees. We’re looking for subjects for a new documentary-style television series.  Do you love animals? Have you transformed your life to be more like them? To look more like them? Eat more like they do? Live more like them?

A thought provoking new TV series wants to hear from you!  We are interested in trying to understand any unique animal or primal behavior!  Submit your story here: [email protected]

Thank you!

Of course I can’t just post something like this without a photo, so here’s GoatTeaParty’s goat tattoo!

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Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Casting Call – Toronto Area

Listen up Toronto area ModBlog readers.  As you may have heard, Sony Pictures is currently filming Total Recall around the city and they’re looking for some modified people to be in the film.  So if you live in or around Toronto, check out the listing below.

Total Recall, a Sony Pictures Film starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Biehl, and Kate Beckinsale, is shooting here in Toronto and requires background performers who have elaborate tattoos (preferably facial and head, neck and arms), multiple visible piercings, and/or any sub/transdermal implants or other body modifications. The filming will take place in mid-August, with details coming closer to the shoot date. Anyone interested should email a photo (highlighting tattoos and any modifications) as well as contact information to David Seymour at [email protected]. Any other questions regarding the film will be fielded upon receipt.

If you are interested, make sure to mention that you found out about this through BME.  Who knows, we may be seeing more of these in the future.

Casting Call

Every once in a while we get a request to post a casting call that is geared towards members of the community.  The following is one that just came in to BME HQ the other day.


If this sounds like you and you are based in New York, San Francisco or LA then Talkback Thames, a London based television production company, want to hear from you! Talkback Thames are making a series for Discovery Channel exploring the world of “squeamish” – they are interested in the body mortification world, particularly things that would appear unusual or or different to the norm to the majority of people!

If you are interested Emma Jones would love to talk to you. Please e-mail her at [email protected]

Stay away, from Captain Howdy!

Ever wanted to be in a movie? This could be your chance. We received the following email today:

Nehst Studios along with Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider, are pleased to announce the filming of Strangeland II: Disciple. A sequel to Dee’s cutting edge film Strangeland, the film will feature similar progressive ideas and images such as unique tattoos, piercings and unconventional body modifications.

Nehst is currently seeking experts, trained individuals and participants in the fields of suspension, flesh hook pulls, tattoos, body art, piercings and body modification to be a part of the cast and crew of Strangeland II: Disciple. Those who are interested may register at

Watch Dee Snider personal video about his new film and find up-to-date information on Strangeland II: Disciple, on Facebook.

For more information on Nehst Studios and upcoming products visit

Laura Novak

Social Network Director
NEHST Studios

If you’re unfamiliar with the first film, on which Keith Alexander lent a helping hand, check out the BME Wiki entry on Strangeland. If you’re unfamiliar with Dee Snider/Twisted Sister, I can’t help you!