Gesture of love

Love sometimes warrants sacrifices, and what bigger sacrifice than allowing yourself to be killed to forgive mankind of its sins.  Well the folks at #Leeds Airlines decided to recreate that sacrifice in the only way they knew how.  By actually crucifying one of their members.  Please note this is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted without proper research and a lot of experience.

Sinners in the cold

Never fight a ground war with Russia in the winter, it can get damn cold up there.  Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean The Sinner Team is slowing down.  Here’s a couple of shots of a modified crucifix suspension as well as a video showing off quite a few of the winter suspensions they’ve been up to.

For those keeping track, that’s 2 gilsons in the chest, and 4 8g hooks in the arms.

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Flying High

The #Leeds Airlines team from St. Petersburg, Russia is best known for their theatrics.  Almost all of their suspensions are part of a photoshoot or performance piece, and this one is no different.  This crucifix suspension was part of a performance with Prelyudia Evi, which I’m guessing is the name of the band that you can see in some of the photos.

There’s more to see, so keep on reading.

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Crucified in chains

It what appears to be a part of a suspension performance, the Abyss Crew from Russia creates a fantastic looking crucifixion suspension.  The first photo in particular is striking as you can almost see the cross that he’s nailed to.  The second photo, while not possessing the religious weight of the first, does show a better view of the placement of the hooks.

Chained and Crucified

It seems to have become a tradition that when someone celebrates a birthday around a suspension artist, they end up suspending in an unusual manner by the end of the day.  The young woman in the photo below had just turned 18 so as a surprise Arseniy hooked her up in a crucifixion suspension for a photoshoot.

Head on over to the other suspensions gallery to see the rest of the photos from the shoot.  Please keep in mind that the rigging used in these photos was chosen specifically for the shoot and is not the typical manner in which suspensions occur.

The Crucifixion

When one thinks of a crucifixion, the image of Jesus normally pops into their head.  Not because of any religious beliefs, but simply because of the association that has been around for centuries.  To this day there are still crucifixions being used as a form of execution, most often in countries where religion is tied to those in power.  When it comes to suspensions, the crucifix suspension evokes the image of a person being crucified, which inevitably draws comparisons to other crucifixions.  We’ve talked before about how suspending can be a spiritual experience, so to say it could have religious significance to some isn’t that much of a leap.

Now when it comes to suspensions as part of a photoshoot, that imagery can be played up, as is the case with these photos sent in by our Russian friend Arseniy.  We’ve seen his suspension photoshoots before, and he continues to produce fantastic images.  You’ll have to use the clickthrough to see the pictures as there are some naughty bits.

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From The Vault: You want to do what?

I went back to the very last page in the Other Suspensions gallery and I found a set of pictures that I took and submitted myself. I was going to wait and use these as a much later From The Vault entry, however, the recent discussions on modblog about BME’s role as media vs. our “endorsement” of certain things by posting them made this post seem perfectly timed for right now. Plus three years ago to the day, this suspension was mentioned in this post , but I feel these pics and this story are damn worthy of a post all their own!

For one day I stepped out of my usual role as a body piercer and suspension group member and played the role of journalist, taking on the job of documenting (not endorsing) this very unique suspension.


For more pictures and my version of the story, click through.

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