Spiked Symmetry

This is for all those symmetry fans out there.  Well, provided you can overlook the nostril piercing only being on one side.

This pair of 1 month old 14g (large-based) Anatometal dermal anchors was put in by Joeltron.

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The Noble Platypus

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with IAM’s resident human platypus Jenya.  Aside from his fantastic mods, he also exudes so much joy.  When he e-mailed me a little while back with these photos he had mentioned that because of some health problems he had to reduce the size of his lip plates to a 32mm medusa and 58mm labret, but he’s doing better and is back on track to reaching his goal of a 100mm medusa and 200mm labret.  I really love that when he was telling me the size of his lips in the photo he was saying that they’re small.  I guess size is relative.  Either way, this human platypus and his impressive collection of modifications is always a treat to post.

The Dreaded BMEGirl

Does there really need to be a reason to make a BMEGirl post?  I didn’t think so.  This photo of the lovely Nix was sent in by Yourladyfriend.  It has pretty much everything you could want in a BMEGirl, glasses, dreads, and pierced nipples.  Oh, what’s that?  You can’t see the nipple piercings?  You better keep reading then to see the full photo.

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Every few days I like to post an image that is just fun to look at.  Thanks to eLHATABorov, I have an image to share with you today.


There are some images that you just need to know the story behind.  Does this young man hate having his picture taken?  Is he just goofing around with some friends in the woods?  Does he normally wear a stick through his septum?

Taking a look through the big septum galleries you can find quite a few fun images.  I suppose that one of the perks in having a big septum is the ability to get a chance to play with a piercing that can easily be hidden from the world.  How many ModBlog readers out there have a retainer that they wear to work?  The septum piercing is one that has existed well before any kind of documented history, so it’s always interesting to see how people adapt their piercings to their own styles.  For some small and subtle is the way to go, for others the bigger the jewelry the better.  Clearly the man in the picture above favors the larger gauge septum piercing, yet does he hide it when he heads into work during the week?

Come to think about it, why isn’t the septum piercing “socially acceptable”?  It’s one of the oldest known piercings, and it is still widely used by indigenous people all around the world.  Yet in North America, many people have to play peek-a-boo with their septum jewelry in order to maintain their jobs.  It’s bad enough most modded people have to hide their modifications in the traditional job market, but when it comes to something like a septum piercing, you would think that after millions of years most people would get over their fear of a modified person.  Or am I just being too optimistic?

The Fairest in Creation

And finally, gentle readers, let us conclude our broadcast day with this calming shot of Tribal Headhunter of Evora, Portugal, showing off one hell of a handsome backpiece by Guru while relaxing on a beach on the Island of Farol. Is there a click-through? Of course there’s a click-through.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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The World is Moving

Well hey, it’s Gothenburg, Sweden’s own Wille, he of Barbarella Body Piercing, showing off, among other adornments, those 22 mm. lobes, self-done lowbrets and some manner of fancy dread-tail. He is, however, clearly suspicious of something. Or he’s giving you the Evil Eye. Or someone in his general vicinity is gassy. Some mysteries just aren’t meant to be solved, I suppose.

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Forwards, Backwards, Sideways

We’ve featured the very lovely Satanycandle on these hallowed pages before, and she’s always been vaguely shape-shifty—well, no exception here. This time around, she joins the ranks of our esteemed cephalopod-esque models, doing her best octopus impression, dreadlocks waving this way and that. Not to mention, the pink jewelry is a nice contrast to the blueish photo, and she just looks awfully peaceful in general, does she not? Yes. Yes she does.

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Moments of Comfort

What is the measure of a man? Is it the fine luxury automobile he drives? Perhaps the house he owns? Or maybe the children who carry on his legacy? Well…considering I don’t have a car, a house or kids, I’m gonna say it’s the heartiness of your beard. And by that logic, Alice is the goddamn manliest man I’ve ever seen. Another shot of her imperial bristles, after the jump.

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