Bitter Sweet Mammaries

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about Lane‘s leg implant gone awry. I do? Ok.. 123.

Well, here’s some video of the initial procedure by Brian (camera – Tayla Johnston). Get those lighters out and hold them high!

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I’m also sure Lane won’t mind me saying that for the short while they were together their relationship was bumpy, the important thing is they parted company amicably and the time they did share was DDelightful.

Finally, although the couple met through Brian he had nothing to do with the break-up and was the perfect gentleman throughout.

The Anal Starfish Tattoo

As promised, something fun and ass-related for you, with R’s starfish tattoo — I’m not sure if I pity his partners or am jealous of the hilarity of the scene — done by that poor bastard Tattoo Ron from Tattoo Centre Alkmaar in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Continue reading for the full tattoo and an action shot (of the tattooing procedure, not some other sort of anus-related action) .


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Once you go black…

I was recently interviewed about “internal body modification”, and we talked about uvula piercing, discrete implants, cervix piercing, soft palette piercing, and debated whether tongue piercings and tongue splitting counted. We talked about internal scarification (and martial arts designed to do “body building” on internal organs), and internal tattooing. At the time, the only example other than oral tattooing (tongues, and I’ve seen a soft palette tattoo as well) I could think of was anal tattooing, but in today’s update (which is just finished uploading and I hope to uncompress it before I go to bed) is lots from my DIY-mod friend “Black Cock” who has a bonus gallery in BME/HARD, and reminded me of two other examples. Read on…


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