The Face Lift

If you haven’t had a chance to read this weekend’s recap of the 2011 Dallas SusCon, stop what you’re doing right now and go read it.

One of the most talked about moments of the weekend was Swing Shift Side Show‘s Andrew performing a face-lift; a 7 point facial suspension.  A little back story on this suspension is needed.  About 5 years ago, Supa performed the very first facial suspension, using 10 hooks.  Since then he’s performed the feat 2 more times.  Andrew, a consummate performer got in touch with Supa and inquired how to go about performing this extremely dangerous suspension.  Fast forward a few years, and here we are, with the second person to perform this suspension.

It must be noted, time and time again, this is not something to attempt to do ever.  Andrew trained for years just to be able to develop the strength in his neck to make this possible, and even then, there was no guarantee of success.  Those who have seen him perform live will know just how strong his neck is after witnessing his rope act, where he suspends himself above the crowd help up only by a band of fabric wrapped around the back of his head.

So today you’re going to get to see what only a few people have witnessed so far, Andrew’s 7 point facial suspension.

Again, do not even think of attempting this suspension.  Even surrounded by some of the best practitioners in the world Andrew made it clear that the results were unknown and under no circumstances should anyone try to replicate any part of this suspension.  With that said, if you want to check out the video of the suspension, keep on reading.

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It’s time for something a little harder

I contemplated turning this into a “guess what”, but I think that would lessen the significance of this particular modification.  It’s not very often we see a partial penectomy, so when I saw this in the queue I knew it had to be posted.


While today’s earlier photoshopping was excessive, this one is pretty much mandatory.

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Go for the throat

If you’re thinking of suspending for your first time, it’s probably a good idea to avoid doing this type of suspension for your first time.

That right there is goatthroat0666 one of the members of the AGRO suspension group from Houston, TX.  Two weeks ago, AGRO hosted their 2011 Superpull event where this brave young man pulled off a 2 point throat, 1 point forehead suspension.

There’s one more photo to show you, so if you want to see him in the air, keep on reading.

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Thumbs up for BME Hard

Yesterday’s Guess What Game featured a modification that is not too common in the community, that being self-amputation.  A lot of comments were made, and questions asked, so as requested, here’s a look at one of Thumbamputee’s several amputations.  The images in the post below come from the BME Hard amputation gallery, and are only a small segment of the many images sent in recently.  To view all of them sign up for a BME Hard subscription today.

Due to the nature of the photos, they’re all hidden behind a break.  Just hit the read more button if you’re interested in seeing the amputation healing process.

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The Guess What Game (Results)

Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for all day is here, the results from today’s Guess What game.

First a quick re-cap of the images.

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


So, if you haven’t had a chance to guess, here’s your last chance.  If you think you know what all three are, keep reading to find out!

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