Hey Ladies, Got Genital Piercings? Have Some Money!

A couple months ago, we posted this offer from Indiana University for gentlemen to discuss their genital piercings in exchange for cold hard cash, but there was some concern that this study was maybe racist towards the women. Well, it’s your turn now, ladies!

NOTE: No more applicants are being accepted. Thanks for your input!

The Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University is conducting a research study designed to collect information on women’s sexual health and genital piercings. We are looking for women who have had their genitals pierced to participate in a phone interview that will be audio-recorded. The time commitment will be approximately 45 minutes and you will receive a $25 VISA gift card for completing the interview. In order to receive the gift card a name and mailing address is required.

To be eligible for this study, you must be at least 18 years of age, speak and understand English, currently reside in the U.S. and have had your genitals pierced.

If you are interested in participating please e-mail us with the following information at xxxxxxxx:

- Your first name, or name you prefer.
- A phone number where you can be reached.
- Several times when you are available to talk on the phone privately.

A member of the research team will call you to discuss the study. We are looking for 20 women and will call people in the order in which the e-mails were received.

For questions please contact Dayna Fischtein, Department of Applied Science, xxxxxxxxxxx

(Corsets at top by Headrick at Club Tattoo in Tempe, Arizona.)