You Know Her Name

The last time we featured Brianna here on your old pal ModBlog, we got a pretty good look at her Nerd Life and BME tattoos, but weren’t really offered a similar vantage point of her Amaryllis flower shoulder tattoos by Tim Senecal at Pisst Fish in West Springfield, Massachusetts (who is also working on the aforementioned BME piece). Which, you know, is a shame, considering we love the placement, and they’re awfully pretty to boot. But hey, while the Internet may never forget, at least it lets us right our wrongs on occasion, so enjoy. A few more shots in different locations, after the jump.

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Falsity to Truth

And here we have the lovely Hydra! Unfortunately, she’s only showing off a single head, but, hey, it’s a good one, right? Credit the piercings and the tattoo (which, naturally, features a hydra’s head popping off) to the good folks at Freedom Body Piercing and Tattooing in Vernon, British Columbia, and the tattoo in particular to Troy Semkiw. More after the jump? More after the jump.

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Gimme A Tuba

Oh boy you guys, mom and dad are gonna be PISSED when they see this paint everywhere, right? No? Oh, it’s just Kevin and Seth, having a good time while Niki snaps some shots? Well, fine. You kids got lucky this time. And, if that’s the case, then, uh, I think you missed a spot.

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Don’t Look Down

Oh hey, it’s the lovely Knifefight (a.k.a Miss Shank), looking worlds different from her last appearance here. I have a few reasons for posting this picture. First of all, it’s a nice palate cleanser after the ol’ ultra-violence down below. Second of all, we already posted a handsome naked fella earlier in the day, and we here at BME and ModBlog are nothing if not equal-opportunity gawkers. And third? I know how much you all love click-throughs. Enjoy!

(Photo by imagesing.)

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The Attentive Eye

It just occurred to me that it’s been an eternity since we featured anything by way of all-star BME photo submitter Kitano Karyuudo and the lovely Eva, pictured above; I really love the starkness of the pictures in this set (among other, more obvious things). More photos, all click-throughable, after the jump, but if that’s not enough, check BME/Hard for their extensive gallery.

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Realize the Strength

I have to admit, I’m still sometimes amazed by the radically different ways in which people may develop scars as a result of cuttings. Here we’ve got a pair (actually, a trio) of cuttings that illustrate this nicely. Up above is a scarification piece by Wendi from Ann Arbor, one year old at this point—healing well and evenly, leaving a somewhat faint scar. After the jump, another pair of cuttings by Wendi that took a wildly different turn.

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Why We’re Here

Well hey, it’s Brianna, looking fancy, showing off the ol’ “Nerd Life” inner arm tattoos! There’s a lot to like about Brianna’s work, not the least of which is her nice, colorful BME Calm logo. What’s that, you can’t see it? Well…best look after the jump.

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All Obvious Confections

How’s Saturday treating you, ModBlog? It’s a gorgeous day over in these parts—just about time to start breaking out some summery treats like Sara’s got up there, I think. Thank goodness she had the foresight to not wear a shirt, though. Those stains are a bitch to get out.

(Photo by Justin Tipton.)

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Could You Milk Me?

Continuing this afternoon’s nipple extravaganza, Roger sends in these photos and explains in the classy third-person:

It all started with Roger and Holly pondering what they could do with nipple piercings that had not been done or seen before. Roger then remembered the T-bar and decided to do a new twist on it. With dermal anchors becoming popularized, and having mastered surface areas with them, he thought the nipple would be a new and exciting territory. Because Roger already pierced Holly’s nipples as we traditionally see them, he ventured into the T-bar look with dermal anchors posing as the top. They are two completely separate piercings, and the dermal anchor adds a classy and sophisticated personal touch. Never before done, he has awed us with his innovative imagination and successfully colored outside of the lines once again! This is a beautiful, creative addition to the other modifications he’s already done on Holly, including her lobes, septum, conch, nipples, vertical lip and ornate cutting on her hip.

Another shot, after the jump.

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