The Monster Mash

Well seeing as how Halloween is only a couple of days away, it only makes sense to check out some horror film inspired tattoos.

Picture in your mind a chainsaw.  Hear the sound of it running, smell the fumes coming off of it.  Now picture someone holding it.  Who did you imagine was holding it?  A lumberjack?  Or was it this guy?


This Leatherface tattoo was sent in by the artist, Jamie Henderson from Forsaken Ink in Bloomingburg, NY.  You can check out more of Jamie’s work in the portrait tattoo gallery.

The Final Countdown

Ok, so maybe it’s not the “final” countdown, but this negative space tattoo cutting Brian Decker did recently does evoke the old movie countdown graphic.


As for the number 72?  Well, I did some looking into information about the number 72, and I found a lot more than I expected.  The most common interpretation comes from Hebrew, which is that 72 is the number that represents the name of god, or at least the shortened version from the 216 character name.  But this is just the starting point.

The number 72 appears in the mythos of numerous cultures all over the world.  Islam and Christianity both have occurrences where 72 is a significant number, both to Jesus and Muhammad.  In Tarot, Babylonian-Mesopotamian Numerology, Satanism, and Taoism, 72 pops up again and again as a number of importance.  A lot of the times number refers to a set grouping, either in terms of two groups of 36, or a single unit of 72.  If you’re really curious about the specifics, this wiki article has a good breakdown of the details.

As for what significance it played for the person in the picture, I honestly don’t know.  Yet it certainly is significant to them.  Of course after I spent some time looking into meanings, someone will come along and point out that it’s probably the year he was born.

Update:  The owner of the arm is none other than IAM: Nilrem.  In addition to Brian’s scar, the tattoo was done by Corey Ferguson, both of whom Nilrem found through BME.  As for the meaning of the tattoo:  the 72 represents his life expectancy.  Check the comments below for the specifics, as well as his IAM page to see how it’s healing up.

As for Mr. Decker.  He’s been uploading a lot of new images to his BME gallery, so it’s worth a visit to check out what he’s been up to.

Three Thousand Years of Beautiful Tradition

We’ll confess that we have a very hard time saying no to John Goodman tattoos—especially when some enterprising individual (in this case, Vincent Leblanc at Traditional Tattoo in San Luis Obispo, California) decides to combine his legendary performance as Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski with a goddamned zombie. Was Walter just not enough of a sociopath in the film that you had to give him an insatiable hunger for delicious brains, too? We approve, of course—Zombie Sobchak can get you a toe by three o’clock with the best of them. You may just have to extract it from his lower intestine.

Return the Salute

Good morning, ModBloggers! Hope this sunny first Monday of autumn finds you well. Let’s begin our week with a murderous zombie, identified by its wearer as “Bub” from George A. Romero’s 1985 romantic comedy Day of the Dead. “It may be corny,” she says, “but Bub is destined to win your heart over, and that is why I got him on me. Along with the fact that [Day of the Dead] is one of my favorite movies.” Hey, that’s good enough for us, folks. Really exquisite work here. And now…time for lunch.

(Tattoo by Brandon Bracamonte at Fallen Angel Tattoo in Sacramento, California.)

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